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    • High School Special Education Teachers' Perspectives of Student-let Individualized Education Planning 

      Sievert, Courtney (2022-05)
      For educators, the least dangerous assumption is to believe all students are capable of developing self-determination skills and will utilize those skills to gain a better quality of life through choice-making that ...
    • Self-determination Behaviors after Instruction in ChoiceMaker Curriculum 

      Halicki McClellan, Jennifer (2022-05)
      Self-determination skills are essential for the success of students in special education after high school, yet too many students leave high school without those skills. I seek to add to the body of literature related ...
    • Visual Supports for Behavior in Students with Autism 

      Dudek, Paige (2022-05)
      Difficulty self-regulating one’s emotions and behaviors is a common characteristic of individuals on the autism spectrum. The researcher investigated whether the use visuals decreased undesired behaviors in elementary-aged ...
    • Least Restrictive Environment and Placement Decisions 

      Geishert Gooden, Lauren (2022-05)
      As a mandated principle of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act), LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) states that students with disabilities must be educated with their non-disabled peers (a) to the maximum extent ...
    • Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom 

      Bulman, Kelly (2022-05)
      This study addressed whether the implementation of the Harmony curriculum for social and emotional learning would increase positive student participation and engagement in the classroom. This was carried out in a high ...
    • Perception, Place, & Perspective: Teaching Sustainability Through Literature 

      Davis, Tiphani (School of Education, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 2022-05)
      This study was a multi-phase research project that began by examining the perspectives of a sample of English-Language Arts (ELA) teachers’ self-reported identities as educators for sustainability and their knowledge of ...
    • Mindsets on Closures and Consolidations: Perceptions of Schooling in Rural Communities 

      Norman, Emily A. (School of Education, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 2022-05)
      In this study, I examined selected rural communities in Wisconsin that had experienced a school closure or had a referendum that could have resulted in the closure of a local school. My aim was to analyze data on participants’ ...
    • Origins of Folk Songs Used in the Music Classroom 

      Monreal, Abbey; McDonnell, Daniel; Singer, Grant; Dunbar, Laura (2021-04)
      The goal of this research project is to develop a database for educators to know which folk songs are appropriate to use in the classroom. This information is important because it helps to eliminate songs with racist, ...
    • Margaret Foote Papers 

      Foote, Margaret Ann (1969)
      This collection contains black and white, glossy photographs taken by UW-Stout Tower and other media relations staff. Photographs are arranged in a flat box in a similar order to how they were donated. Dates and descriptions ...
    • Addressing Public Concerns About Frac Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin 

      Kawak, Katrina E.; Vue, Joseph; Eggen, Reggie; Larsen, Mark; Massetti, Madaline; Meyer, Kasee; Pierce, Crispin (2021-04)
      The COVID-19 pandemic halted frac sand activity within west-central Wisconsin and our team installed and analyzed data from air quality monitors to collect baseline PM2.5 concentrations in communities near frac sand ...
    • Philosophy in Community-Oriented Policing : What Are the Most Important Features? 

      Green, Anna; Hsieh, Ming-Li (2021-04)
      Given that there are discrepancies about the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing (COP) in implementation and operations across jurisdictions,1 the current research project aims to identify the main components in ...
    • Optimizing Deep Learning Architecture for Remote Sensing Image Analysis 

      Mohan, Pavithra Devy; DeWitte, Matthew; Rozario, Papia F.; Gomes, Rahul (2021-04)
      Deep Learning tools have become very efficient in high-resolution image analysis compared to traditional classification models. One such example is the implementation of semantic segmentation using a Convolutional Neural ...
    • Oral History Interview, Ken Pennings (1282) 

      Pennings, Ken (2012-06-05)
      In his first interview for the UW Madison Archives, Ken Pennings shares his struggles with accepting and embracing his homosexuality, and the challenges that posed with his personal and religious life.
    • Oral History Interview, Connie Johnson (1244) 

      Johnson, Connie (2012-06-28)
      In her June 2012 interview with Laura Lane, Connie Johnson described her childhood growing up in Madison, her memories of being an undergraduate student at UW-Madison in the 1970s, and her long career as a preschool teacher ...
    • Oral History Interview, Margaret Crowell (1245) 

      Crowell, Margaret (2010-06-14)
      In her 2010 interviews, Margaret Crowell recounts more than 30 years of traveling throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. She details trips to China, Japan, Australia, Russia, Italy, and more. Crowell also shares ...
    • Oral History Interview, Donald Lamb (1345) 

      Lamb, Donald (2013-07-03)
      In his 2013 interview with Scott Seyforth, Donald Lamb speaks about being gay at the UW-Madison and how LGBTQ attitudes changed over decades. Lamb discusses the time period from the 1950s through 2013. This interview was ...
    • Perspective Transformation Regarding Sustainability in Higher Education 

      Ortega, Jennifer (School of Education, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 2022-05)
      This study examined transformative sustainability learning (TSL) by determining the occurrence of perspective transformation (PT) regarding sustainability in sustainability-focused courses offered at a public university. ...
    • Oral History Interview, Cheryl Jean Thiemer (1249) 

      Thiemer, Cheryl Jean (2010-05-18)
      In Cheryl's interviews in May and June of 2010, she describes her life as a child, growing up, and looks back as an adult. One topic was how 4-H gave her the chance to travel including spending time with host families in ...
    • Oral History Interview, Anna Harden (1246) 

      Harden, Anna (2010-05-18)
      In her oral history interviews, Anna talks about her childhood leading up to her raising her own grandchildren. A common theme that she discusses is how the times change, people change: from disciplining children to what ...
    • Finding Aid for LGBTQIA+ Oral Histories 

      WGS 205: Introduction to Queer Studies (2020)
      Born digital interviews and transcripts discussing LGBTQIA+ topics like personal experiences, campus community, controversies, queer artists, resources and support, and the impact of COVID-19.