Recent Submissions

  • Field of Study Stereotypes: Are They a Reality? 

    Galeazzi, August (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2023)
    This project examines whether the stereotypes about people in specific fields of study reflect actual demographics within those majors, and data was collected by surveying and interviewing UW-Stout undergraduate students. ...
  • Comparing Alternatives to EPS for Thermal Insulation in Cold Chain Logistics 

    Smith, Hunter; Rosner, Nolan; Reinhart, Bradley; Meltz, Caleb; Zahurones, Caleb (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2022)
    Cold Chain distribution is the process by which temperature-controlled products are transported from the point of manufacturing to the end user. Applications for Cold Chain distribution include pharmaceuticals, fruits and ...
  • Industry Connections Steelcase NEXT Competition: Corporate Office Design 

    Henze, Rachel (University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2022)
    In this interior design project, we learned about designing the office space for a future generation of workers who have grown up immersed in technology. The intention of this office space was to limit "cubicle farms" and ...