The UW-Madison Extension’s outreach creates key connection points for families, communities, businesses, non-profit organizations, government, and more. We support local volunteers and leaders to take action and serve as role models in their communities, and we make sure Wisconsinites have the latest research, best practices, and educational opportunities.

Promoting healthy relationships:We embrace the philosophy that each stage of life is unique, exciting and filled with potential. Our programs promote aging-friendly communities, coach parents and help families put technology, mindfulness and financial awareness into everyday use.

Empowering health & well-being: We provide individuals, families, and communities the tools and guidance they need to reduce stress, improve nutrition, and support physical activity. We work with community partners to increase access to healthy affordable food, create environments that promote well-being, and address access to quality health care.

Fostering civic & economic leadership: From educating elected officials to training the next generation of local leaders, we’re committed to empowering citizens to make positive, transformative change in their communities.

Enhancing resilient natural resource systems: We work with partners across the state to ensure that our diverse natural resources remain resilient and productive. From water and forestry programming to conservation training and youth environmental education, our educators and researchers navigate complex issues, facilitate challenging conversations, and help develop innovative solutions.

Supporting positive youth development: Our research-based youth enrichment programs give young people the hands-on experiences they need to grow into the global leaders of tomorrow. From youth governance to Wisconsin 4-H clubs, we provide diverse educational opportunities to prepare youth for success in Wisconsin and beyond.

Supporting Wisconsin’s agriculture industry: Whether on the farm or in the field, we’re on the front lines of modern agriculture, helping producers build stronger and more productive food systems. From managing livestock to crops to strategic financial planning for farms, our educators and researchers help solve challenges that Wisconsin producers face.

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