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    • A History of Wisconsin State University-Superior 

      Haugland, John C. (1967-09)
    • The Joys and Surprises of Telling Your Life Story 

      Kunz, John A., & Tyrrell, Mary O'Brien (University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, 2002)
      Designed to inspire older adults to tell their life stories informally, in writing, on video or in public performance. Introduces the idea of working with a life story professional and offers guidelines for choosing one. ...
    • The McNair Scholars Journal, 2008 

      Sullivan, Michael; Van Dyke, Britney; Lutmer, Nina; Hooker, Stephanie; Wiggins, Jacky; Schlender, Jason; Gervais, Justin; Ojanen, Joseph (University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2008)
      The McNair Program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior prepares income eligible, first generation college students and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education for doctoral study. It is a nationwide ...
    • The Impact of Video Surveillance in a Select Tribal School 

      Hutchison, Jessica B. (2010)
      Providing for the physical and emotional safety and welfare of children is the highest priority for schools across the country. Districts and administrators face a variety of challenges in developing and implementing ...
    • Spiritualty in Modern Art 

      Rulofson, Chelsea Ann (2010)
      This thesis includes the interpretation of art as a religious device in early history that was essentially, exclusively used within the context of spirituality. Art from around the world reveals the deep roots between ...
    • Douglas County, Wisconsin Aquatic Invasive Species Strategic Plan 

      Eliot, Amy (Lake Superior Research Institute, 2010-03-18)
    • The McNair Scholars Journal, 2010 

      Alvelo-Rivera, Miguel; Verber, Shane; Larson, Ben; Ramirez, Angelica; DeVries, Jerad; Matthews, Janice; Marcon-Fuller, Suzanne; Bigboy, Aaron; Fandry, Elizabeth; Anderson, Kevin A.; Zephier, Maura; Udofia, David; Wagner, Christine; Bruner, Ryan (University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2011)
    • Proceedings of the St Louis River Estuary 2011 Science Summit 

      Collins, Patrick; Garono, Ralph; Schooler, Shon (2011)
      A St. Louis River Estuary Summit was organized to provide a venue for St. Louis River Estuary (SLRE) researchers and resource managers to share information, collaborate on projects and strengthen partnerships. This workshop, ...
    • The Effects of Graphic Novels on the Reading Comprehension Scores of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) 

      Hill, Kristina (2011)
      Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face several challenges in the academic setting. These students often struggle to comprehend what they have read, which makes learning difficult. The purpose of this study was ...
    • Herstory 

      Forney, Mary (2011)
      This supporting paper discusses how art is the vehicle that has led to a road of personal and artistic discovery. Experiences and concepts in narrative art are explored. Numerous past and recent histories of narrative ...
    • The Effects of Student Discipline on School Climate in a School Using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports 

      McGrath, Philip Casey (2011)
      This study examines the school climate of a rural school using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.
    • The McNair Scholars Journal, 2011 

      Petite, Angel; Shermer, Angela; Castellini, Angela; Jost, Jaime; Watson, Chnice; Ross, Michael; Mohamud, Abdiqadar; Leach, Caitlin; Blanchard, Stevie; Bliss, Seth; Gondik, Alison Petite, Angel; Stephenson, Emily (University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2011)
    • Analysis of Writing in Connection to Reading with Primary Students 

      Boyat-Chartier, Stephanie (2011)
      The study looked at the success of students who used the strategies of writing to learn. The data in this study strongly suggested that writing in connection to reading, particularly through the activities of journaling, ...
    • I Am Not the Same Person, Even Though I Am: Managing Communication and Identity in the Aftermath of Physical Disability 

      Green, Luke Peter (2011)
      The following explores changes that occur in communication following the acquisition of a physical disability. Framed by the symbolic interactionism theoretical tradition, I use ethnography and semi-structured interviews ...
    • Bloody Savages/White Invaders: Images of the Other in Non-Native and Native Art 

      Ellis, Matthew Sean (2011)
      Europeans, from the time of their first arrival in the Americas, documented the New World inhabitants and their "strange" customs via drawings, etchings, and paintings. These invariably inaccurate and stereotypical images ...
    • Venus Anadyomene: The Mythological Symbolism from Antiquity to the 19th Century 

      Newberry, Jenna Marie (2011)
      This thesis includes reading the chosen artworks as a visual interpretation of the written mythological birth of Venus by the sea. Reading the selected painting as visual novels, the pictorial symbolism helps prove or ...
    • What Causes Special Educators to Become Burned Out? 

      Bong-Theisen, Michelle Ann (2012)
      This research study was designed to determine that causes that lead burn out amongst special education teachers. The study was a study that was compared to a study done in 1987. The researcher administered a survey to ...
    • What Effect Does Homeschooling Have on Test Scores and Socialization of Children? 

      Bergstrom, Lisa (2012)
      Homeschooling has grown in popularity in the last decade. While public schools have requirements for attendance and standardized testing, homeschooled children and families have these things as options. There are some ...
    • FRIDA KAHLO: An Exploration of Art Themes and Symbols 

      Miller, Chelsey Rae (2012)
      This thesis is an exploration of the symbolism and themes in the artwork of Frida Kahlo. It examines and interprets Frida Kahlo's artworks on a more intimate level. The thesis explores the many self-portraits of the artist, ...
    • The McNair Scholars Journal, 2012 

      Stricker, Michelle; Anderson, D; Christensen, Michael; Scheid, Kirsten; Nelson, Scott; Lohese, K. Jean; Granger, Stanly; Peterson, Rebecca; Adler, John; Schlender, Jenny; Osterlund, Jenna R. (University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2012)