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    • Fatigue risks in the connections of sign support structures: phase I 

      Hellenthal, Matthew; Foley, Christopher; Komp, Jordan; Wan, Baolin; Weglarz, Mathew; Schmidt, Joseph P.; Smith, Andrew (Wisconsin Highway Research Program, 2008-12)
      Wisconsin sought to assess the risk of fatigue-induced fracture in its existing sign support structures designed before the latest AASHTO specifications that included fatigue design. A framework for assessing fatigue-induced ...
    • On Varying the Detectability of Symbols to Encode Data Uncertainty 

      Huffman, Daniel P. (2010)
      Visual variables are properties of an image, such as the size or shape of a mark, that can be manipulated systematically to convey information. However, there is another, more fundamental property of images which has not ...
    • Optimal investment decision-making for highway transportation asset management under risk and certainty 

      Kaini, Praveen; Li, Zongzhi (Midwest Regional University Transportation Center, 2007-09)
      Efficient highway investment decision-making becomes increasingly important in transportation. In order to facilitate such a decision process, first issue is to estimate benefits of highway projects and utilize those values ...