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    • Efficiently Reducing Corrections Costs in Wisconsin: Applying the Washington State Model 

      Fredericks, Sylvia; Kock, Sara; Ley, Emily; Little, Olivia; Olson, Natalie; Waldhart, Paul (2011-01)
      The authors examine evidence-based programs that can reduce crime and lower corrections costs in Wisconsin. Their cost-benefit analysis identifies nine combinations of prison population reduction and reinvestment of ...
    • Options for Allocating State Child Welfare Dollars to Wisconsin Counties 

      Durkin, Christine; Hartung, Adam; Kock, Sara; Russ, Jennifer; Waldhart, Paul (2011)
      The method by which the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families allocates funds to counties for child protective services may not be optimal for outcomes. This report examines two alternative methods: one based on ...