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    • Estimating soil/pile set-up 

      Wagner, Alan; Edil, Tuncer; Komurka, Van (Wisconsin Highway Research Program, 2003-09)
      Abstract Soil/pile set-up is time-dependent increase in pile capacity, and can contribute significantly to long-term pile capacity. If it were possible to incorporate the effects of set-up during design, it may be possible ...
    • Investigation of standard penetration torque testing (SPT-T) to predict pile performance 

      Komurka, Van; Wagner, Alan; Winter, Charles J. (Wisconsin Highway Research Program, 2005-09)
      Soil/pile set-up is a time-dependant increase in pile capacity. Incorporation of soil/pile set-up in pile design often has considerable economic benefits, resulting from reduction in pile section, length, and/or size of ...