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    • RayTrace 

      Walker, Thad G. (1998-03-13)
      This applet traces paraxial light rays through a user-specified system of up to 12 ideal thin lenses and apertures, allowing many simple optical instruments to be modelled. Three examples are given: coupling of light from ...
    • Six Lines to Tell a Story 

      Wood, Michael (2018-04-27)
      In this talk, I will highlight a recently completed investigation into a challenge brought against our earlier work on vanadium. The discrepancy between six transition probabilities and its resolution touches on several ...
    • Small Angle X-ray Scattering from Protein Solutions 

      Rothwell, William S. (1954-01-14)
    • Spectroscopic study of the 7p J=1/2 and 7p J=3/2 states in neutral cesium-133 

      Herd, Maria-Teresa (2018-04-27)
      I will start with a few observations of connections between spectroscopy and other (seemingly unrelated) research topics, then focus on Doppler free spectroscopy on the 7p J=1/2 and 7p J=3/2 states in neutral cesium-133. ...
    • Transition Probabilities for Neutral Cerium from Boltzmann Analysis of Fourier Transform Spectra 

      Nitz, David (2018-04-27)
      Poster presentation on Cerium transition probabilities
    • Ultrasensitive Atomic Magnetometers 

      Wyllie, Robert; Wakai, Ronald T.; Walker, Thad G. (2009-09-10)
      We have developed a novel, small-volume portable single-channel atomic biomagnetometer and have used it to detect adult MCG signals. The cryogenic-free magnetometer has sufficiently high sensitivity (20 fT/rt(Hz)) that ...
    • UW Laboratory Astrophysics 

      DenHartog, Elizabeth (2018-04-27)
      In this talk I will describe the laboratory astrophysics program of the Jim Lawler group at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, focusing on the laboratory techniques and instruments used for the measurement of transition ...