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    • DAMOP Student Symposium 2009 

      Walker, Thad G. (2009-05-27)
      Presentation given at the student symposium for DAMOP 2009, Charlottesville, VA, May 21 2009. Includes an introduction to Rydberg physics with a description of recent experiments done at the University of Wisconsin
    • Downstream hydrogen plasma cleaning for mass metrology at NIST 

      Benck, Eric (2018-06-01)
      On International Metrology Day, May 20, 2019, the redefinition of the International System of Units (SI) is scheduled to be implemented. When this occurs the kilogram, the last remaining unit defined by a physical artifact, ...
    • Dynamics of Low Density Rydberg Gases 

      Brekke, Erik; Day, Jason O.; Walker, Thad G. (2008-06-09)
      A state-dependent stimulated emission probe was used to investigate the coherent and dynamic properties of cold Rydberg atoms. 87Rb atoms were excited to various nl Rydberg states from a MOT via continuous two-photon ...
    • A Fresh Look at Abundances of Iron-group Elements in Very Metal-Poor Stars 

      Sneden, Chris (2018-04-27)
      Studies of very metal-poor stars have focused attention on the neutron-capture (Z > 30) elements, whose dramatic star-to-star variations give us insights to element production in extreme, explosive nucleosynthesis environments. ...
    • From nonlocal electrons to delocalized electrons and artificial atoms 

      Kortshagen, Uwe (2018-04-27)
      After spending a portion of his career on nonlocal electron kinetics in plasmas, the speaker entered a new phase of his career with plasma materials synthesis. The talk will discuss how plasmas can be used to synthesize, ...
    • Gas Discharge Lamps – A Requiem 

      Lister, Graeme (2018-04-27)
      Almost a century has passed since the introduction into the market of gas discharge lamps for general lighting in the form of fluorescent lamps, made possible by the discovery of phosphors able to convert ultra-violet (UV) ...
    • He 1s2s Energies 

      Walker, Thad; Masse, Robert (2014-01-17)
      This Mathematica notebook demonstrates how to calculate fairly accurate He energy levels using undergraduate level quantum mechanics. It is intended to accompany the manuscript "Accurate Binding Energy of the He Atom with ...
    • He 1s^2 Pertubation Theory 

      Masse, Robert; Walker, Thad G (2013-09-02)
      This Mathematica notebook accompanies the paper "Accurate Binding Energy of the He Atom with Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics". The notebook contains the calculations described in that paper.
    • High energy density plasma simulations using ultracold neutral plasmas 

      Bergeson, Scott (2018-04-27)
      Strongly-coupled Coulomb systems are typically fluid-like plasmas characterized by the ratio of the nearest-neighbor electrical potential energy to the average kinetic energy. When this ratio is near unity, the plasmas are ...
    • How I Became a Non-Chemist 

      Menningen, Ken (2018-04-27)
      Some scientists direct their careers with laser focus to answer a small set of questions. Others wander around like a trapped photon. I will tell the story about how a plasma physicist ended up studying combustion chemistry, ...
    • Jim Lawler's Science: Above and Below the H-Line 

      Walker, Thad G. (2018-04-27)
      This presentation gives an overview of Jim Lawler's career, focusing on a few of his important contributions to science.
    • JimFest Overview 

      Walker, Thad; Bergeson, Scott (2018-04-27)
      Overview of the 2018 Wisconsin Atomic Spectroscopy Seminar in honor of Prof. James E. Lawler. Includes biographical information and the scientific program.
    • Measurements of branching fractions using Fourier transform and grating spectroscopy 

      Nave, Gillian (2018-04-30)
      The measurement of lifetimes using laser-induced fluorescence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been one of the most productive experiments in the measurement of atomic spectroscopic data. The NIST bibliographic ...
    • Non-Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing through Rydberg States in a MOT 

      Day, Jason; Brekke, Erik; Walker, Thad G. (2007-07-02)
      In this work, we use a three-photon near-resonant process in a laser-cooled Rb vapor to achieve phase-matched four-wave mixing using an intermediate Rydberg state. Rydberg atoms in the 36D5/2 state are efficiently produced ...
    • Physics Challenges for Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping of He-3 

      Walker, Thad G. (2009-05-28)
      Presentation given at the "Physics and Applications of Polarized Noble Gases" workshop at the University of Virginia, May 19, 2009.
    • A Portable SERF Magnetometer for Biomagnetic Measurements 

      Wyllie, Robert (2009-09-10)
      Recent developments on the UW SERF magnetometer.
    • A Portable Ultrasensitive SERF Atomic Magnetometer for Biomagnetic Measurements 

      Wyllie, Robert; Li, Zhimin; Cook, Peter; Wakai, Ronald T.; Walker, Thad G. (2007-07-02)
      We present a portable Rb cell atomic magnetometer suited for biomagnetic measurements. Working in the spin-exchange relaxation free regime, we demonstrate an initial white noise floor of 60 fT/sqrt {Hz}. We show an adult ...
    • A Portable Ultrasensitive SERF Atomic Magnetometer for Biomagnetic Measurements 

      Proite, Nicholas; Cook, Peter; Li, Zhimin; Wakai, Ronald T.; Walker, Thad G.; Wyllie, Robert (2009-09-10)
      We present a portable Rb cell atomic magnetometer suited for biomagnetic measurements. Working in the spin-exchange relaxation free regime, we demonstrate an initial white noise floor of 60 fT$/\sqrt {Hz} $. We show an ...
    • RayTrace 

      Walker, Thad G. (1998-03-13)
      This applet traces paraxial light rays through a user-specified system of up to 12 ideal thin lenses and apertures, allowing many simple optical instruments to be modelled. Three examples are given: coupling of light from ...
    • Six Lines to Tell a Story 

      Wood, Michael (2018-04-27)
      In this talk, I will highlight a recently completed investigation into a challenge brought against our earlier work on vanadium. The discrepancy between six transition probabilities and its resolution touches on several ...