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    UW-Stout podcast that focuses on the stories of students, faculty, staff and others from our campus community that are making a difference on our campus and beyond. Hosted by Marketing Communications at UW-Stout.

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  • Exposed: A Deep Dive into the B.S. in Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2022-02-09)
    Welcome to the first installment of our new, ongoing series, Exposed. Take a deep dive into undergraduate and graduate-level programs at UW-Stout. Hear from instructors and students on their experiences and the stories ...
  • Student Health Care on Campus 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2022-01-26)
    On January 1st, 2022, Student Health Serves started being managed by Prevea Health. Though there aren't many changes to how a student experiences receiving health care as before, there are some new things students get to ...
  • The Journey Ends | Commencement 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-12-14)
    Oh my. The first semester of the podcast is coming to an end. It's fitting that in this episode of Inside Stout, we'll hear from two people that know the "in's and out's" of the college experience. Commencement is important ...
  • SMARTArt Augmented Reality App 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-11-22)
    The latest episode dives into the world of augmented reality as we chat about the SMARTArt app that was developed over the summer of 2021. The Stout Mobile Augmented Reality Tour of Art app will allow anyone on campus to ...
  • Your Journey Begins 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-11-10)
    This episode dives deep into what a curious prospective student needs to know about the application process, how to get in on the fun of a "Preview Day," and what to expect after being accepted into UW-Stout. Guests: ...
  • Michael Heagle & Fright Films 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-10-27)
    We have a very spooky special just in time for the Halloween season! We invited a wonderful and very interesting guest onto the show to talk about nothing other than fright films, otherwise known as scary movies. What's ...
  • History of Homecoming & Stout Ambassadors 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-10-06)
    What's the point of Homecoming? Why do Stout students have a history of taking over roads? What is a Stout Ambassador and what do they have to do with yacht cruises? Find out all this and even more on this episode, dedicated ...
  • Queer on Campus 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-09-29)
    In episode 3, we chatted with two representatives of the Qube, the LBGT+ resource center on campus. What kind of resources and support does the office provide to our campus community? Listen in to learn more! Guests: Nakkiah ...
  • Women in STEM 

    Unknown author (UW-STOUT MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, 2021-09-15)
    In this episode, we had an enlightening conversation with two female science faculty about the progress Stout has made over the years in empowering women in STEM fields. Guests: Dr. Laura McCullough Dr. Jo Hopp ...
  • Esports at UW-Stout 

    Unknown author (UW-Stout Marketing and Communications, 2021-08-25)
    For our pilot episode, we had an enlightening conversation with two students, Gavin Raph and Cheseng Lo (Chewy), who are involved in Esports at Stout. Press play to learn what esports is, how players practice, how the team ...