Awarded to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016, the UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace is one of 21 UNESCO chairs in the United States. It is a campus-wide program that is supported and administered by the 4W Women & Wellbeing Initiative and is carried out in partnership with the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. The 4W Initiative (Women & Wellbeing in Wisconsin & the World) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a campus-wide effort to make life better for women and the world better for all. A collaboration of the School of Human Ecology, the Global Health Institute, and the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies, 4W leverages the strengths of the university to promote global wellbeing and full participation of women in society, addressing a broad range of issues from micro-enterprise and health, to ending human trafficking, to promoting financial equality in relationships. For more information, visit

The UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing and a Culture of Peace is co-directed by Dr. Araceli Alonso of the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and Dr. Teresa Langle de Paz of Women’s Knowledge International Network.

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