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    • The Relationship Between Sound Intensity And the Center of Balance 

      Singh, H.; Olsen, M.; Prill, C.; Monteagudo, P.; Breuer, R. (Journal of Advanced Student Sciences (JASS), 2014)
      Daily activities require the proper coordination between sensory systems, brain integration, and muscular movements. A deviation in any of these systems may slightly or severely disrupt the body’s sensitive homeostatic ...
    • Stress responses due to application of audio or visual stimuli 

      Bloomer, Caitlin; Hitt, Crystal; Olson, Douglas; Wruck, Colin (Journal of Advanced Student Sciences (JASS), 2014)
      Stressful events promote activation of the sympathetic nervous system which causes measurable physiological changes in the body. Visual and auditory inputs often aid in this “fight or flight” stress response if potential ...