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dc.contributor.authorSteiner, Quinn
dc.contributor.authorTaylor, Wilson
dc.descriptionColor poster with text and photographs.en_US
dc.description.abstractAs part of the international research program through the biology department I had the opportunity to be involved with research at the Charles Darwin Research Station. Through the Charles Darwin Research Station I was involved with two large projects, the first being The Land Bird Conservation Project and the second being, the Philornis downsi project. The Land Bird Conservation Project focused on gathering ecological and breeding information on bird species that have been in serious decline. Another goal of the project was to gain more knowledge of the bird species that have had little information collected on them so far. This was done through monitoring feeding and nesting behavior as well as tracking the breeding of these bird species. This project also collaborated with the Philornis downsi project. This project attempts to gather information on ways to control the invasive parasitic fly Philornis downsi. By gathering information about mating, and breeding behavior of this fly species, the continued decline of many of the bird species within the Galapagos Islands can be prevented. Throughout the summer I collected data to be used to continue rebuilding the bird populations in the Galapagos Islands.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCharles Darwin Research Foundation; University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire Office of Research and Sponsored Programsen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesUSGZE AS589;
dc.subjectBird populationsen_US
dc.subjectGalapagos Islandsen_US
dc.titleThe Galapagos Islands Land Bird Conservation and Philornis downsi Projectsen_US

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