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Does student residence influence physical activity at UW-Stout

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Jones, De'Andre
Klemme, Diane
University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services
Jones, D. (2016). Does student residence influence physical activity at UW-Stout. University of Wisconsin-Stout Journal of Student Research, 15, 86-99.
Apr 2016
student residence; physical activity; University of Wisconsin--Stout; University of Wisconsin--Stout--Students--Health and hygiene; Exercise; Dormitories
The University of Wisconsin- Stout’s campus is divided into two sections: North Campus and South Campus. North Campus is comprised of Student Health Services, four active residence halls, a dining facility, and 24-hour fitness center. South Campus, also known as the main campus, is comprised of thirteen residence halls, nine academic buildings, the student center, a five-story library, and the Johnson Fieldhouse, which is home to the sports and wellness facility. The purpose of this research was to determine whether or not a student’s major, residence location on-campus, and involvement impacts overall health, nutrition, and physical activity. A random survey of UW-Stout students was conducted to determine if students’ residence influenced physical activity. Undergraduate and graduate students who lived in the residence halls on-campus, and off-campus at the University of Wisconsin- Stout were surveyed. The findings did not support the original hypothesis that students who lived on North Campus had more accessibility to or utilized the fitness center despite the further distance to travel towards South Campus. Therefore, students on North Campus engaged in more physical activity. However, the survey results showed that participants did not partake in health and wellness services due to having their own workout routine or lack of a workout partner.
Research article with graphs.
University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services
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