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Integrating iPads with a Student Centered Approach in a Collaborative Classroom

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Bockenfeld, James K.
Hofacker, Erick
Nov 29, 2017
This project was designed to integrate 21st century technology into a technical college level mathematics classroom through the use of iPads, AirPlay, HD notes, and Desmos. I wanted to give students the ability to share their collaborative work with the rest of the classroom through the use of technology. Mechanical devices for doing calculations date back thousands of years. The newest devices are ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) such as iPads and smartphones. The students for this study used iPads that were integrated into a collaborative classroom using the Quantway Curriculum design by the Carnegie Institute. The project itself involves two classrooms and two different instructors. One class implemented iPads during Module 3, while the other class used iPads during Module 4. The intentions of this study are to have students utilize technology to deepen their overall understanding and retention of the material. This paper describes the implementation process of the ICTs and compares the results of average test scores for four different Modules as well as the comprehensive final exam. The average scores from the Module 1 Test and Module 2 Test scores were used to set a baseline performance between the two groups. The remaining two Module test scores and the final were analyzed, using the groups average scores, to show the positive gains that can happen when ICTs are integrated into a classroom.
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