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Ability of the LeanScreen to accurately assess waist-to-hip ratio and percent of body fat in comparison to laboratory tested procedures

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Marx, Raymond
Porcari, John
Sep 28, 2017
Obesity; Kinesiology; Human body -- density -- measurement; Body composition
Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and percent body fat (%BF) are commonly used in wellness and clinical settings, and while there is only one commonly used method for measuring WHR, %BF can be determined in many ways. However, the accuracy, reliability, and cost of these many methods of calculating %BF vary greatly. The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of the LeanScreen's ability to measure WHR and %BF against laboratory validated methods. Eighty subjects participated in this study. Waist-to-hip ratio was manually measured and %BF was determined by the BOD POD. Two photographs were taken of the subjects with the LeanScreen app according to the procedures demonstrated by the app. No significant difference (p=0.554) was found for WHR between the LeanScreen app and manual WHR measurements, and 73 subjects (91%) were within one standard deviation (0.08) of the mean. A significant difference (p=0.015) was found between %BF determined by the LeanScreen app and the BOD POD. Although a high correlation exists between the two methods (r=.82), only 35 subjects were within +/- 3% of the BOD POD (SEE=5.1) In conclusion, the LeanScreen app accurately determines WHR but does not accurately determine %BF on an individual basis.
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