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The McNair Scholars Journal, 2015

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Wallace, Scott M.; Mauch, Sydnie; Wigfall, Jordan; Bender, Randy J.; Phelps-Horton, Rachel A.; Johnson, Kristen; Tappe, Alex; Farmakes, Jasmin; Austin, Lee; Wilke, Katie; Anderson, André; Windschitl, Kaitlyn
Galerucella pusilla; invasive species; Culverts; loosestrife beetle; Natural Resources; Sociology; Burbot Population; Minnesota; purple loosestrife; Leech Lake; Parental Support; Social Anxiety; Air Quality; Bullying; Pokegama Bay; Lythrum salicaria; Biology; Bureaucratic Personality; Nepal; Weberian Theory; Revolution; St. Louis River; Forensic Chemistry; Natural Resources; Sexual Assault; Civil Engineering; Rock Diameter Effects; Case Studies; Sámi; Anchor Ice; Nurse Examiner Programs; Laponia; Ojibwe; Chippewa National Forest; Plastic; Co-Management; Cultural Heritage; Para-Xanthine; China; Fisheries Ecology; Caffeine; Business and Economics; Walleye; United States Marine Transportation; Infrastructure; World Trade Organization; Chinese Exports
The McNair Program at the University of Wisconsin-Superior prepares income eligible, first generation college students and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education for doctoral study. It is a nationwide program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, created in memory of Ronald E. McNair, Ph.D., an African-American physicist killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger mission in 1986. During the summer, 12 scholars participate in a paid individual research experience, working collaboratively with a faculty mentor on a project of interest to the student.
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