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Art Therapy Considerations for Transgender Youth and Young Adults

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Trussoni, Adam R.
Dec 22, 2016
Visual Arts; Art Therapy; Stigma; Sexual identity; Transgender youth; Young adults; Discrimination
Social stigmas, being shunned by family and friends, violence, and sexual abuse are some of the hardships that transgender youth may face. The complex nature of being a transgender person almost inevitably creates emotional, physical, and financial hardships for the individual which often times results in substance abuse problems, personal relationship issues, and suicidal tendencies. Although sexual identity seems like an adult problem, the foundations of sexual identity are formed during the youthful years, and it is at these times that the young boy or girl is most vulnerable to perils such as bullying, sexual violence or abuse, physical violence, and family abandonment. Through personal research and art interventions with people who are personally involved in the transgender community it is possible to earmark the social and emotional troubles that transgender youth and young adults face. Through this research it may be possible to find a way for art therapy interventions to make a difference in an individual’s life.
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