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    • Vapor-Deposited Glasses with Long-Range Columnar Liquid Crystalline Order 

      Gujral, Ankit; Gomez, Jaritza; Ruan, Shigang; Toney, Michael F.; Bock, Harold; Yu, Lian; Ediger, M. D. (American Chemical Society, 2017-10-04)
      Anisotropic molecular packing, particularly in highly ordered liquid crystalline arrangements, has the potential for optimizing performance in organic electronic and optoelectronic applications. Here we show that physical ...
    • Vapor-deposited Organic Glasses Exhibit Enhanced Stability Against Photodegradation 

      Ediger, Mark; Dalal, Shakeel; Qiu, Yue (Soft Matter, 2018-03-25)
      Photochemically stable solids are in demand for applications in organic electronics. Previous work has established the importance of the molecular packing environment by demonstrating that different crystal polymorphs ...