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The Importance of Writing Before Reading; How Montessori Materials and Curriculum Support This Learning Process

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Ryan, Tahzeem
Papadimitriou, Melahrini
MSE, Montessori
Dec 21, 2015
writing; reading; sesnsitive periods; language; efficient; writing before reading; Montessori
This action research examines the benefits of writing before reading and documents how the Montessori materials and method support students to use writing as a foundation for learning to read. During a six month period, I documented and observed the progress of my students in reading and writing. I chose six case studies representing various ages and both genders, and documented the learning journeys of these children from writers to readers. Data from observations and work samples were collected in the spring and fall for each of the six students. Analysis of data revealed that there were many things that all six of the children had in common, despite their varied ages and genders. The foremost of these was significant progress in their language development. My analysis of the class as a whole indicated to me that the students, over time, chose works that were more directly related to reading and writing. It also revealed that the children were showing an increased interest in reading and writing, even outside of the school environment. My research led me to conclude that it is beneficial to teach writing before reading because of the efficiency, effectiveness, and-?most importantly-?the way that it engages the students. It builds up their self-esteem while also motivating them to achieve more and more.
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