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Feminist Collections, v.35, nos.3-4 (Summer-Fall2014).

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Sexuality; Pornography; Reviews; Library Resources; Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women?s Studies Resources. ISSN 0742-7441, 30p.
CONTENTS: From the Editors (personal & office changes & transitions), Feminist Visions: "Breaking Quarantine: Complicating Our Concepts of Pornography," by Nora Stone (reviewing Anne G. Sabo, AFTER PORNIFIED: HOW WOMEN ARE TRANSFORMING PORNOGRAPHY & WHY IT REALLY MATTERS, Zero Books/John Hunt Publishing, 2012; Tristan Taormino, Celine Parre as Shimizu, Constance Penley, & Mireille Miller-Young, eds., THE FEMINIST PORN BOOK: THE POLITICS OF PRODUCING PLEASURE, Feminist Press, 2013; MUTANTES (PUNK PORN FEMINISM), directed by Virginie Despentes, 2009; & I LOVE YOUR WORK, directed by Jonathan Harris, 2013), Feminist Archives: "The Letters of Anne Whitney: Using Archives in Digital Scholarship," by Jenifer Bartle, Book Reviews: "Is Feminism Really Dead? Or Has It Just Become Too Fast to Catch and Gone Too Gaga to Spot?" by Tiffany Lee (reviewing Shannon Bell, FAST FEMINISM, Autonomedia Collective, 2010; and J. Jack Halberstam, GAGA FEMINISM: SEX, GENDER, AND THE END OF NORMAL, Beacon Press, 2013), "Inclusive Feminist Activism? Yes, Please!" by Lachrista Greco (reviewing Julia Serano, EXCLUDED: MAKING FEMINIST AND QUEER MOVEMENTS MORE INCLUSIVE, Seal Press, 2013), "Feminism, 'Women's Magazines,' and The New Yorker," by Teresa D. Kemp (reviewing Janet Carey Eldred, LITERATE ZEAL: GENDER AND THE MAKING OF A NEW YORKER ETHOS, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012), "Sexuality & Africa," by Cherod Johnson (reviewing Marc Epprecht, SEXUALITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE IN AFRICA: RETHINKING HOMOPHOBIA AND FORGING RESISTANCE, Zed Books, 2013), "King vs. Laqueur: Sex and Texts in Ancient and Early Modern Europe," by Suzanna Schulert (reviewing Helen King, THE ONE-SEX BODY ON TRIAL: THE CLASSICAL AND EARLY MODERN EVIDENCE, Ashgate Publishing, 2013), "Concepts & Disciplines: A Reference Work on Gender," by Nina Clements (reviewing Kath Woodward, THE SHORT GUIDE TO GENDER, Policy Press, 2011), E-Sources on Women & Gender (BOUGIE BLACK GIRL; THIS BRIDGE CALLED OUR HEALTH: (RE)IMAGINING OUR MINDS, BODIES, AND SPIRITS; BUST.COM's list of 10 LADY PODCASTS YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW; & WISCONSIN WOMEN MAKING HISTORY), Periodical Notes: New & Newly Noted Periodicals (SHAMELESS; TRANSGENDER STUDIES QUARTERLY; & WOMEN?S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH), Books Recently Received: (complimentary/promotional/review copies sent to the GWSL office by various publishers, including McFarland, NYU Press, Inanna, Spinifex, & others).
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