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Oral History Interview: Linda Newman (1414)

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Reeves, Troy
Newman, Linda
Apr 2015
Ombuds Office; sexuality; Chuck Read; Char Tortorice; Academic Staff Assembly; Emily Comstock; Henry Trueba; John Palmer; SOAR; Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration; Marine Studies; Feminism; Gay Liberation Movement; Union Cab; Checker Cab; Gerda Lerner; Harvey Goldberg; George Mosse; Bill Cronon; Benjamin Rush; Karl Armstrong; Sterling Hall bombing; 1960s; Student protest; Vietnam War; Great Awakening; ecology; racism; William Appleman Williams; Wisconsin Historical Society; David Lovejoy; Brown University; TAA; Teaching Assistant Assocation; School of Education; History Department; Connecticut
In her four April/May 2015 interviews with Troy Reeves, Linda Newman offered an overview her time at UW-Madison. Newman discussed from the 1960s through the 2010s and the following topics: History Department; College of Education; Teaching Assistant Association; the 1960s student protest movement; New England; research on Benjamin Rush. She also discussed the important role her parents played in her worldview, her work for two Madison cab companies in the 1970s, and her post-retirement work as a campus ombudsman. Finally, she discussed her time working for the School of Education and her post-retirement work in the Ombuds Office. This interview was conducted for inclusion in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives Oral History Project, specifically as part of its effort to interview long-time academic staff.
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