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dc.descriptionIn her March 2015 interview with Harv Thompson et al, Leslee Nelson tells the story of how she became interested in art, pursued an education in art, and eventually came to teach at the University of Wisconsin-Extension and in Madison. Nelson reflects on her strong commitment to feminism and activism from a very early age, and a series of 'aha' moments that drew her to art and to education. She reminisces about numerous influences on her work and her teaching, and throughout the interview shared anecdotes about a number of prominent UW-Extension personalities, including Robert Gard, John Steuart Curry, and others. This interview was conducted for inclusion into the UW-Madison Oral History Program and the Gard Foundation's UW-Madison and WI Community Arts History Project.en
dc.subjectViola Freyen
dc.subjectUniversity of Illinoisen
dc.subjectWisconsin Regional Art Programen
dc.subjectSusan Farmeren
dc.subjectJoe Bradleyen
dc.subjectKenneth Kuemmerleinen
dc.subjectCalifornia College of the Artsen
dc.subjectJohn Steuart Curryen
dc.subjectRobert E. Garden
dc.subjectStudent protesten
dc.subjectJames Schwalbachen
dc.subjectArt Departmenten
dc.subjectTrude Guermonprezen
dc.titleOral History Interview: Leslee Nelson (1419)en
dc.typeRecording, oralen
dc.contributor.interviewerGard Ewell, Maryo
dc.contributor.interviewerThompson, Harv
dc.contributor.interviewerGoeschko, Karen
dc.contributor.intervieweeNelson, Leslee

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