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    • Infrared Spectroscopy of Quartz and Feldspar in Alpine Hydrothermal Veins 

      Brost, Steve C.; Brinza, Eric M.; Fitzpatrick, William A.; Ihinger, Phillip D. (2016-10-21)
      With the aim of discerning fluid conditions present during hydrothermal activity associated with Alpine metamorphism, we present new results on the abundance and distribution of hydrous impurities in co-crystallizing ...
    • Sand Mine Particulate Analysis 

      Cleary, Patricia Anne; Fischer, Callie; Zhang, Julie; Oster, Joe (2017-02-15)
      Concern has arisen about levels of silica in ambient particles near frac sand mines. In order to assess these levels of silica, we have adopted an XRD analysis to test real air samples. Calibrations were constructed with ...