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    • Algebra Associated with the Hasse Graphs of Polytopes 

      Duffy, Collen M.; Holmes, Austin; Glover, Geoffrey; Jacobson, Tennie (2018-03-12)
      There is a Hasse graph associated with each symmetry of every n-dimensional polytope, and there is an algebra associated with each Hasse graph. Our goal is to determine the structure of all of the algebras associated ...
    • n-Dimensional Semi-Hypercubes and the Algebras Associated With Their Hasse Graphs 

      Lemons, Mitchell; Riedl, Austin (2015-04)
      Our goal is to be able to predict how automorphisms of the semihypercubes act using the Hasse graphs of the fixed k-faces to obtain a generating function for the Hasse graph polynomial.