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    • (Don't) Drop the F-Bomb : Personality Judgments of Men and Women Who Swear 

      Lee, Yan Lin; Murray, Carly; Strothenke, Dana (2015-04)
      In the current research, we investigated people's first impressions of men's and women's personality traits as a function of the way they use language, specifically, their use of taboo language (i.e., swear words). We ...
    • A Monthly Subscription to Gendered Sexuality 

      Kozicki, Bethany (2014-04)
      The media has become a large part of our everyday lives. Lifestyle magazines, such as Cosmo and Men's Health, dictate to the readers a social construction of what is considered a normal sexual script for women and men. ...
    • Perceptions of Manspreading 

      Peden, Blaine F.; Xhunga, Nensi; Coulter, Lane (2018-02-23)
      Manspreading refers to males on public transport who sit with legs spread apart to encroach on adjacent seats. The Oxford Dictionary added manspreading in 2015. Manspreading occurred so often in New York City that public ...