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    • Classifying Complemented Subspaces of Lp with Alspach Norm 

      DeFrain, Isaac; Peters, Shawn; Phillipson, Mitch; Sippert, Becky (2011-05)
      Understanding the complemented subspaces of Lp has been an interesting topic of research in Banach space theory since 1960. In 1999, Dr. Dale E. Alspach proposed a systematic approach to classifying the subspaces of Lp ...
    • Norms in Tensor Products of Banach Spaces. 

      Phillipson, Mitch (2009-04)
      Norms play a key role in classifying structure of Banach space. Tensor products are a natural and productive way to understand much of modern Banach space theory. In this poster, we present a new definition of norm given ...