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    • Accelerometer Measurements of a Disc in Flight 

      Kiefer, Peter (2014-04)
      Hand-thrown flying discs have been around since the late 1930s. However, the physics of flying disc flight is complex and few measurements have been made of discs in flight. The purpose of this study was to make in-flight ...
    • Accelerometer Measurements of Water Rocket Motion 

      Cao, Junbin (2012-04)
      The purpose of this study was to use accelerometers and micro-controllers to measure the acceleration of water rockets and to compare the results to a theoretical model developed by Peter Nielsen of the University of Queensland.
    • Application of an Accelerometer to a Rigid Pendulum 

      Rowe, Charlie (2012-04)
      The costs and sizes of accelerometers and microcontrollers have dropped significantly in the last several years. This study tested a microcontroller-accelerometer combination on a well-understood system, the rigid ...
    • The Effects of BungeeSkate[superscript]TM Training on Measures of On-Ice Acceleration and Speed 

      Cook, Mitch; Kaatz, Rob; Auner, Kelly; Matteson, Kaelyn; Emberts, Talisa; Muller, Emily (2012-04)
      Previous research has stated that dry land sled pulling trains first step quickness in hockey players. Further research has demonstrated that off-ice horizontal training (sled pull, parachute, etc.) relates well to on-ice ...