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    • Penalized Regression Computation and Simulations 

      Paukner, Lyle (2014-04)
      In the specific realm of high-dimensional data, conventional regression models either have no solutions or, at best, have solutions that are highly sensitive to even small changes in the data. Thus, "penalized" regression ...
    • Study of Least Absolute Deviation Methods 

      Paukner, Lyle (2015-04)
      In the context of finding the "best" predictive model, this research project focuses on assessing and fitting models with least-absolute-deviation techniques.
    • What Does Deliberate Practice Have to Offer Mathematics? 

      Paukner, Lyle (2013-05)
      Deliberate practice is a form of practice that consists of focused, repetitive practice of above-average difficulty. The subject continuously monitors his or her performance, and subsequently corrects, experiments, and ...