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    • Evidence-based practice with autism spectrum disorder : a literature review. 

      Tauer, Chandra; Hayden, Megan; Lamb-Vosen, Chelsea (2007-05-01)
      This literature review analyzes six major treatment techniques for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). An overview of ASD is provided and, more specifically, how each technique applies to speech-language pathology.
    • Mentoring undergraduates in research 

      Boh, Andrea L. (2007-05-01)
      This poster addresses the Ph.D. shortage in higher education by describing efforts at the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire to mentor undergraduates in research. In spring 2005, 20 undergraduates in CSD began a Directed ...
    • Student and Faculty View of Learning with Technology : Implications for Teaching. 

      Komarek, Jenna (2009-01-30)
      This poster reports the results of a survey distributed via email to all student and faculty on campus during the 2007 semester. The survey was designed to gather student and faculty ratings related to preferred ways of ...