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    • Abstinence-Only Sex Education : Are There Effects Beyond the Realm of Knowledge, STIs, and Pregnancy? 

      White, Sylvie; Erger, Jeff S. (2017-04-19)
      This research takes a Feminist Theoretical perspective and investigates if the often patriarchal, essentialist, and objectivizing curriculum in Abstinence Emphasized sex education (AE) can be used as a proxy measure of ...
    • Academic achievement : a Study of the Predictors of Success in Higher Education 

      Schnell, Jenna; Ryan, Anna; Lau, Shari; Chiodo, Sarah (2009-02-09)
      This research examined predictors of academic achievement among college seniors. Specifically, academic achievement was studied in relation to employment, organizational involvement, out of class communication with faculty, ...
    • Academic Advising Convenience : Undergraduate Perspective of Alternative Techniques 

      Scherber, Kathryn; Gutsmiedl, Carissa (2013-05)
      The purpose of this study was to evaluate student views on the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of online and in person advising.
    • Accelerated Second-Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduates : Experience of the Transition to Professional Practice 

      Wilberding, Kaitlyn (2015-04)
      Accelerated second baccalaureate degree nursing (ASBSN) programs enable non-nurse college graduates to streamline their nursing education and begin professional practice. However, few studies have investigated their ...
    • Accelerating Exact Logic Synthesis Using Parallel Computing Methods 

      Ott, Austen; Zimmer, Benjamin (2011-05)
      Exact synthesis is the process of creating a minimal-cost representation of a logic function. These representations are used in the design of microprocessors and other digital devices. An existing exact synthesis program ...
    • Accelerometer Measurements of a Disc in Flight 

      Kiefer, Peter (2014-04)
      Hand-thrown flying discs have been around since the late 1930s. However, the physics of flying disc flight is complex and few measurements have been made of discs in flight. The purpose of this study was to make in-flight ...
    • Accelerometer Measurements of Water Rocket Motion 

      Cao, Junbin (2012-04)
      The purpose of this study was to use accelerometers and micro-controllers to measure the acceleration of water rockets and to compare the results to a theoretical model developed by Peter Nielsen of the University of Queensland.
    • Achieving a Closed Orbit Around Neptune Through Aerobraking 

      Bartlein, Andrew R.; Brewer, Nicholas R.; Vasel, Justin A. (2011-05)
      Changing the orbit of a spacecraft requires large changes in energy and angular momentum. If a spacecraft approaches a target planet with too much angular momentum, it will be routed around the planet and not captured ...
    • Action Figures and Dolls : Exploring Preschool Children's Interests. 

      Langan, Samantha; Moen, Emily (2009-02-03)
      Interest is present from birth and fosters human development by impelling growth-oriented behaviors such as exploration, curiosity, cognitive activity, information seeking, and involvement. The aim of the current study ...
    • Active Channel Loss, Reed Canary Grass expansion, and Nutrient-Enriched Groundwater in the Lower Chippewa River in West-central Wisconsin 

      Moothart, Emily; Nesbit, Scott; Faulkner, Douglas (2017-02-27)
      Maps constructed from aerial photographs dating to 1938 along a 50-km section of the Lower Chippewa River (LCR) in western Wisconsin document a decline of active-channel area exceeding 25%. This loss in channel area has ...
    • ADA Compliance and Accessibility of Fitness Facilities in Western Wisonsin 

      Edwards, Katie J.; Finco, Kristi L.; Foss, Sadie E.; Stoelzle, Hannah Y.; Snyder, Jenna L. (2010-04)
      This project examined the accessibility of fitness facilities in Western Wisconsin. This was accomplished by direct observation and physical measurements taken during on-site visits to 16 fitness facilities in Western ...
    • Addressing Issues of Technique and Style in Tenor Trombone Repertoire 

      Brellenthin, Nicole M. (2011-05)
      This research project focused on the study of style and technique in two standard trombone solos, LaunyGr?ndahl?sConcerto for Trombone and Orchestra and Camille Saint-Saens Cavatinefor Trombone and Piano, Op. 144.
    • Adventures in Organophosphorus Chemistry 

      Dulaney, James W. (2015-04)
      Organophosphorus compounds have been an increasingly important part of organic synthesis since the discovery of the Arbuzov rearrangement in 1905. In the century that followed this discovery, the applications of phosphorus-based ...
    • Adventures with Fluorescent Compounds 

      Lewis, David E.; Njie, Fatou Bintou Kebbeh; Giebink, Anna K.Y. (2018-05)
      4-Amino-1,8-naphthalimide derivatives1 are highly fluorescent compounds whose relatively simple synthesis and high quantum yields have led to their widespread use, for example, as fluorescent sensors for metal ions and pH, ...
    • After Dark. 

      Hanson, Jessica; Thelen, Andrea; Weise, Jonathan; French, Sarah; Busacker, Kristin; Sutton, Brittany; Geheran, Danielle (2009-04)
      The purpose of this research project is to explore and reveal unique individual safety techniques for securing personal safety amongst University of Wisconsin?Eau Claire (UWEC) students? on- and off-campus safety.
    • Again the Stallu Come : the Role of Folklore in the Resurgence of Traditional Sami Culture 

      Fuerstenberg, Eric (2011-05)
      Traditional Sami tales represent a rich history of storytelling and interpretation of the natural phenomena that surrounded the early inhabitants of northern Scandinavia. As such, they were a prized focus for restoration ...
    • Age of Onset as a Risk Factor in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury 

      Muehlenkamp, Jennifer J.; Xhunga, Nensi; Hipke, Sophia; Young, Krista; Dussl, Kati; Gustafson, Brady; Ottersen, Jacob; Faledas, Bram (2018-02-23)
      Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is an increasingly prevalent problem among adolescents and young adults, globally (Muehlenkamp et al., 2012). NSSI is most likely to emerge during early adolescence, although some report a ...
    • Age Preferences Across Sexual Orientations 

      Graham, Emily; Young, Tara (2014-04)
      Age preference research with gay men and lesbians suggests sex differences underlie mate preferences. Gay and heterosexual men prefer younger partners; an age gap that increases with men's age. Lesbian and heterosexual ...
    • Age Specific Behavioral Variability of Creek Chub Minnows after Exposure to Various Chemicals 

      Leiztke, Taren; Wold, Michael; Flynn, Mackenzie; Fischer, Andrew; Radeke, Leah; Lonzarich, David (2017-02-28)
      Fish of the superorder Ostariophysi contain alarm substances that elicit fear responses in neighboring conspecifics. Research over the past decade has revealed a strong ontogenetic component to the nature of this response ...
    • Age Variation in Mating Strategies and Mate Preferences Among College Students 

      Ryan, Danielle (2012-04)
      Past research has documented systematic similarities and differences in men's and women's mate preferences and mating orientation. However, one area of mating research that relationship scientists know little about is ...