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    • Magma Evolution of the Mineral Lake Intrusive Complex, Mellen WI 

      Guy, John R.; Olson, Christopher J. (2010-04)
      The Mineral Lake Intrusive Complex (MLIC) of northern Wisconsin is a well-exposed and well-preserved fossil magmatic system of the Mid-Continent Rift at 1.1 Ga. The MLIC is composed of a bimodal suite of compositions that ...
    • Magnetoresistance in Single Carrier Organic Light-Emitting Diodes : An Investigation of Organic Magnetoresistance in OLEDs Made with P3HT 

      Riedl, Austin; Rybicki, James (2017-03-16)
      The purpose of this study was to isolate the effects predicted by the bipolaron model by creating single charge OLED devices.
    • Making an Informed Decision between Journalism and Public Relations 

      Jeske, Olivia (2012-04)
      The purpose of this study was to assemble the necessary information for a student who is choosing between the careers of journalism and public relations and to present the facts in a comprehensible way.
    • Making APA Style Great Again! : Insights into Teaching and Learning APA Style 

      Peden, Blaine F.; Miller, Caitlin (2017-12-12)
      There are many aspects of APA style to learn. We focus on the prominent feature of APA citations and references (Madigan, Johnson, & Linton, 1995). Landrum (2013) and other studies confirm it is difficult to teach/learn ...
    • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: Links Between Child-Father Resemblance and Child-Reported Paternal Investment 

      Murray, Carly; Griffiths, Rachel; Bloechl, Casey; Bleske-Rechek, April L.; Nelton, Rebecca (2016-10-19)
      Because conception occurs internally to the human female, ancestral males did not have 100% certainty of their paternity. Evolutionary theorists have proposed that males are sensitive to an offspring’s resemblance to them ...
    • Mapping Gene Flow of Colorado Whiptail Lizards 

      Smith, Katrina (2010-04)
      The purpose of this study was to use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to map and analyze gene flow according to the spatial occurrences of three species of native Colorado lizards in the genus Aspidoscelis: Aspidoscelis ...
    • Mapping Land Use Change in the Lower Chippewa River Valley between 1938 and 2005. 

      Nelson, Bethany (2009-04)
      The Lower Chippewa River Valley in West Central Wisconsin provides a wealth of habitat for a variety of fish and wildlife species and supports a significant amount of agricultural land and recreational activities. Despite ...
    • Mapping of Spring Discharge into Lake Altoona. 

      Fairbairn, David J.; Teige, Emilia L. (2009-02-11)
      Lake Altoona is located in the Northeast section of the city of Altoona. It is approximately 800 acres in area (~3.24Km2) and has its own community surrounding it. The purpose of this study is to better understand the ...
    • Mapping the Limit of the Penobscot River Valley Calving Empayment, Hampden 7.5' Quadrangle, Maine 

      Olson, Jeffrey D. (2010-04)
      The Penobscot River valley of south-central Maine is an area of moderate relief that underwent deglaciation ~14.5 ka. During deglaciation, sea water was ~100 m deep in the Penobscot valley in the Hampden area, and highlands ...
    • Mapping the Precambrian Bedrock Geology of Rusk County, Wisconsin 

      Helmuth, Samuel L.; Lodge, Robert W.D. (2017-03-09)
      The primary objective of this project is to create a new regional geologic map of Rusk County, Wisconsin, highlighting the characteristics of the Precambrian bedrock hosting the past-producing Flambeau Cu-Au mine and various ...
    • Mapping the Yellowstone Trail with GIS 

      Morrison, Sean; Hupy, Christina M. (2014-04)
      In 1912, before numbered routes and government involvement, a group of South Dakota businessmen formed the Yellowstone Trail Association to establish one of the first transcontinental auto routes in America. Much of the ...
    • Mapping Vegetation Change along the Lower Chippewa River. 

      Ebert, Jackie E. (2009-01-12)
      The Lower Chippewa River is a dynamic and unique river system which supports a high diversity of habitat types. Despite the ecological importance of this river system and its surrounding habitat, relatively little is known ...
    • Marketing Program : Brand Audit Alumni Study 

      Thomas, Dylan; Peterson, Jacob; Swanson, Scott R. (2017-04-06)
      The research being presented is part of a brand audit of the UW-Eau Claire Marketing unit. The study involved collecting both qualitative and quantitative data from UWEC marketing alumni (n=349) using an on-line ...
    • Marketing to the World in Cyberspace : How Major International Banks Reach Out to the Global Marketplace 

      Lkhagvadorj, Baterdene (2010-04)
      To be successful in the global marketplace, International corporations face two challenges. On the one hand they need to convince world customers the unique brand value of their products/services, and at the same time ...
    • Markov Chains and Student Academic Progress II. 

      Porath, Jessica (2009-04)
      With data obtained from student enrollment records, absorbing Markov chains are used to model the academic progress of students attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire over a specific period of time. Useful ...
    • Markov Chains and Student Academic Progress. 

      Porath, Jessica (2009-02-09)
      With data obtained from enrollment records, absorbing Markov chains are used to model the academic progress of students attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire over a specific period of time.Useful statistics, ...
    • Martha Graham : Influences on Contemporary Dance and Choreography. 

      Dahm, Chelsey; Lutz, Lani (2009-07-27)
      Martha Graham is one of the most celebrated artists in modern dance. This project allowe students and faculty of the Music and Theatre Arts Department the opportunity to study Martha Graham, her technique, and her body ...
    • Mate Preference Perception Accuracy Among Gay Men and Lesbians 

      Graham, Emily A.; Bakalars, Charles A. (2015-04)
      The ability to accurately perceive the mate preferences of those with whom one desires to mate acts as a valuable preferred mate acquisition strategy. The current study examined the accuracy of gay men and lesbian perceptions ...
    • Math 380: Research Methods in Mathematics 

      Tlachac, ML; Schwalbach, Elizabeth; Brushaber, Danielle; Otto, Carolyn; Lewis, Dandrielle (2016-10-21)
      Math 380: Research Methods was developed for Fall semester of 2015 by Dr. Dandrielle Lewis, Dr. Carolyn Otto, and three undergraduate mentors. The main premise of this course is to instruct future mathematicians on ...
    • Mathematical Influences from the Inca Empire 

      Radloff, Kelli (2010-04)
      The influences in the mathematical world from various pre-Hispanic civilizations such as the Inca, Maya, and Aztec are vast. We have investigated the mathematics used by the Incas in creating the quipu, which are knotted ...