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    • Undergraduate Nursing Student Practice Outcomes through Evidence-based Practice Projects 

      Grimley, Angela; Castleman, Brittney (2010-04)
      This research project consisted of two years of involvement with senior and junior undergraduate students in one community agency. The students obtained evidence on topics of importance to agency staff, led New Knowledge ...
    • Undergraduate Students Lead Teams to Obtain Research for Practice. 

      Neseth, Lisa; Crowley, Karen; Branson, Jessica; Gavronski, Lindsey; Emmanuelle, Catherine; Swenby, Tiffeny; Walde, Kimberly; Vue, Mia Nhia; Divyak, Katharine M.; Danecki, Katie; Thao, Gao Tsong (2009-02-05)
      Undergraduate students obtained research articles for nurses in practice. Teams of diverse students, with the leadership of a senior nursing student, connected with nurses in practice through a faculty member, a hospital ...
    • Undergraduate Students' Belief in the 50 Greatest Myths of Popular Psychology 

      Lagorio, Carla H.; Prell, Amber H. (2018-01-10)
      The current study assesses whether undergraduate students believe in common myths prevalent in the field of psychology. Historically, these myths have been misunderstood by many people and can lead to unwise decision-making and ...
    • Understanding Heterosexuals' Sexual Prejudices and Behavioral Reactions to the Fundamental Motive of Mating 

      Nigro, Sarah E.; Lee, Jenna S. (2015-04)
      Our research sought to understand the sexual prejudices heterosexual men and women hold toward heterosexual, bisexual, and gay/lesbian men and women by applying an affordance-management perspective.
    • Understanding the Sexual Prejudices of Sexual Orientation Minorities 

      Butterfuss, Reese M.; Rusten, Marta L. (2013-05)
      Much of the sexual prejudice research has focused on understanding the prejudices and stereotypes of heterosexuals towards nonheterosexuals. Minimal research has examined the prejudices and stereotypes of nonheterosexuals. ...
    • Unemployment in Native American Communities 

      Malec, Kristina (2014-04)
      In 2011, the Native American unemployment rate in the United States was 14.6%. The purpose of this research was to determine the factors that cause the high unemployment rates in Native American communities.
    • Unheard Voices : Communication of LGBTG Concerns in Wisconsin Classrooms 

      Fredman, Amy; Bainbridge, Amy (2011-05)
      Current events demonstrate a critical need to address Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) topics in schools. Although other studies have explored harassment and bullying of LGBTQ students, ...
    • Universal Image Quality 

      Edge, Robert (2010-04)
      We worked on applying an objective comparison of image quality in image compression. This objective measure is the recently published "Image Quality Index" (IQI). We applied the IQI to obtaining objective comparisons of ...
    • Unmasking the Moral of the Story : a Narrative Analysis of the "Stand for Marriage Maine" Campaign 

      Rudnick, Justin (2010-04)
      The marriage equality debate has recently become the subject of political and social commentary across the country. Many states have seen some sort of marriage amendment come to a vote. As with any controversial issue, ...
    • Unraveling the AIDS Quilt : a Study in Oppression 

      Coughlin, Casey; Johnson, Katie (2012-04)
      An estimated 40,000 Americans contract HIV every year, half of them under the age of 25 (Centers for Disease Control, 2001). "The Quilt... a memorial, a tool for education and a work of art, the Quilt is a unique creation, ...
    • Unraveling the Mysteries of How Methanobactin Reduces and Stabilizes Copper Ions 

      Harder, James; Mulheron, Heidi (2010-04)
      Methanobactins (mb) are peptide-derived, copper-binding molecules produced by methanotrophic bacteria, which use methane as their primary source of carbon and energy. They synthesize mb to scavenge copper ions from the ...
    • Unregulated Crystalline Silica Exposure in Wisconsin 

      Bloecher, Pat; Zagar, Amy (2010-04)
      Occupational silica exposure is related to the development of respiratory disease, tuberculosis, autoimmune disease, kidney disease, silicosis and lung cancer. Recent proposals for sand mines and processing plants around ...
    • Up From the Tropics : Migratory Patterns of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak 

      Morton, Hannah; Bell, Ashley; Ward, Sarah (2017-12-13)
      The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (RBGR) is a neotropical migrant that breeds in North America. We hypothesize that male RBGR will arrive earlier in spring than females to establish territories on their breeding grounds. We ...
    • Updated Wingate Anaerobic Power Test norms 

      Gressick, Brett; Borgert-Poepping, Mike (2008-09-17)
      Wingate anaerobic testing is a widely accepted lab test to measure an individual's ability to generate power at a high rate for a 30 second period of time, similar to power demands in many American sports. The purpose of ...
    • Updating Groundwater Parameter Maps in Eau Claire County 

      Michalski, Matthew C.; Enderson, Mitch C.; Dowling, Justin A. (2015-04)
      In this project, we seek to update and improve the publicly available groundwater information in Eau Claire County using higher resolution data and updated methodologies.
    • Updating the Open Source Database Benchmark Project 

      Bartig, William (2010-04)
      The Open Source Database Benchmark (OSDB) project provides a free tool for analyzing the performance of database management systems (DBMS) on different computer hardware. OSDB simulates single connections (single-user) ...
    • Usability Testing the NatureMapping Website. 

      Miller, Leanne (2009-04)
      Usability testing is a procedure that tests the functionality of a document or website by asking subjects to complete tasks typically performed by users of the site. This study evaluated the NatureMapping website's intended ...
    • Use of 4-D Diagrams to Solve Equations 

      Meier, Bret; Ott, Austen (2011-05)
      This study investigates the use of 4-D diagrams to determine the number of solutions obtained with polynomial equations over matrices.
    • Use of Geometrical Docking Algorithm to Explore Species Specific Differences in Proyl-tRNA Synthetases 

      Bhattacharyya, Sudeep; Theisen, Cole; Reinhardt, Clorice R. (2018-02-08)
      Prolyl-tRNA synthetases belong to a class of enzymes that play a pivotal role in the protein synthesis. These enzymes are responsible for attaching the amino acid, proline, to the 3’ end of the prolyl-tRNA. The structures ...
    • The Use of LIWC to understand how undergraduate students learn the APA style. 

      Aspinwall, Elizabeth R.; VerBurg, Amy L. (2007-05-01)
      This study measured how undergraduate college students learn to write in the American Psychological Association writing format. Using LIWC, a text analysis software program, comparisons were made between students in ...