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    • Locating Jacob Gens : A Subsurface Geophysical Investigation in Rasu Prison, Vilnius, Lithuania 

      Kleinschmidt, Alexander S.; Erickson, James S.; Seamans, Jackelyn M; Warvin, Thomas A.; Jol, Harry M. (2018-04-24)
      Jacob Gens, a Lithuanian Jewish army officer who held senior leadership positions in the Vilnius Ghetto was shot by the Nazis and buried with his journals within the courtyard of Rasu Prison, Vilnius, Lithuania. The objective ...
    • Locative Media App : mycapsule : a Study in Locative Media, Interface Design, and App Development 

      Hestekin, Derek; Thorsell, Stephen (2013-05)
      Due to the increased sophistication of mobile technology and increased popularity of locative media, the goal was to create an interesting mobile app that was technologically functional with a user-friendly interface ...
    • Logjams : a Look at Logjams and Emergent Wood Effects on Insect Emergence in a Small Northern Minnesota Stream 

      Snobl, Zachary (2012-04)
      Wood performs vital functions in streams, such as trapping organic matter and creating pools. Less is known about how logjams affect insect emergence. It was hypothesized that the presence of wood and physical factors ...
    • Long Term Care Leadership Survey 

      Callahan, Kelsey (2010-04)
      A previous study by Dr. Olson on effective leadership in LTC found that effective leadership and management are both necessary for an organization to be successful. A subsequent study done by Olson and Dr. Zwygart-Stauffacher ...
    • Long Term Care Leadership Survey. 

      Herold, Micah; Callahan, Kelsey (2009-04)
      Researchers have not yet measured how the critical long term care (LTC) health care leaders (the director of nursing, administrator, medical director, and pharmacy consultant) feel about their own roles within the context ...
    • Long-term Impact of a Campus Suicide Prevention Program 

      Kosiak, Michael; Havertape, Lindsey; Immerfall, Katie M.; DeLaPena, Alex; Stewart, Ashley; Miresse, Kim (2012-04)
      An increasing number of college students face significant mental health problems (ACHA, 2007), which places them at elevated risk for suicide. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students (AAS, 2012; CDC, ...
    • A Longer Harder Journey : The Economic Progress of Hmong Americans 

      Carroll, Wayne; LaCroix, Jennifer; Lor, Yer (2017-11-09)
      Hmong refugees first arrived in the U.S. forty years ago and since then, Hmong Americans have had significant economic progress, marked by increases in incomes, educational attainment, occupational status, ownership of ...
    • Longing : A Concept Analysis 

      Sjostrom, Stephanie; Markwardt, Michelle (2013-05)
      Although longing has been found in the nursing literature, it is poorly defined and difficult to assess for in patients and families. The purpose of this study was to identify key attributes to develop a definition of ...
    • Longitudinal Case Study : Stuttering and High Functioning Autism 

      Veress, Nina; Sheldon, Jessica; Brusehaber, Allsun; Edwards, Kayla; Napierala, Jenna; Nyeggen, Emily (2010-04)
      Past research has suggested that individuals with high functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome (HFA/AS) produce sound-syllable and whole word repetitions and one-word revisions on 25% of utterances as opposed to 14% of ...
    • Longitudinal Study of Emerging Adults' Plans for Work and Family 

      Hanley, Eric; Donovan, Bryan A.; Ryan, Danielle; Kelley, Jenna A. (2013-05)
      Past research suggests that young men and women differ in their plans for work and family, with women more likely to choose careers that will "work around" their family plans. The purpose of this study was to determine ...
    • A Longitudinal study of writing by psychology majors : a quantitative text analysis. 

      Aspinwall, Elizabeth R. (2008-08-20)
      This study measured linguistic variables associated with APA style writing in a longitudinal study of academic writing by undergraduates. This study completes a pilot study exploring how psychology students write throughout ...
    • Look Mom I'm All Grown Up! : a Third-Wave Feminist Perspective on Work-Life Balance. 

      Amys, Elizabeth A. (2009-04)
      This research project addresses two research questions: 1) how do men and women balance work and life? and 2) how are men and women's approaches to balancing work and life similar or different? To answer these research ...
    • Look to the Future of Nursing from the Perspective of the Past : A Qualitative Study of Retired Nurses on the IOM Future of Nursing 

      Vogt, Naomi (2013-05)
      The purpose of this study was twofold: 1. to gain insight on retired nurses' perspectives regarding nursing education and collaboration among health professionals, and 2. to gain insight on retired nurses' ideas for ...
    • Loreum : A Musical in the Making. 

      Webster, Mary (2009-02-11)
      "Loreum" is a musical about the intersection of a 1940s soldier, and the imaginary country featured in the title. The topic juxtaposes fact and fiction and intends to allow the viewer a perspective on history and human ...
    • Loss of Oral Tradition in Yunnan, China 

      Vue, Nou (2013-05)
      Storytelling has been around for centuries, usually for entertainment purposes and for individuals to share an experience through cultural engagement. Stories in Hmong American households are close-knit and pertain to moral ...
    • Love in the Club 

      Glenna, Jordan; Ford, Kaitlyn; Wrobel, Katey; Bacon, Kyle; Nelson, Maggie (2014-04)
      The purpose of this study was to determine what young adults, 18-25, look for in nonverbal cues regarding attractiveness of the opposite sex in social settings.
    • Low Dimensional A-infinity Algebras 

      Frinak, Josh; Ott, Austen (2010-04)
      Associative algebras (eg. polynomial algebras, complex numbers, matrix algebras) are familiar objects to most students. A-infinity algebras are generalizations of associative algebras which were first studies by topologists ...
    • Low Frequency (50, 100, 200 MHz) Ground Penetrating Radar Analysis of the Nipissing Beach Ridge, Huron Mountains, MI 

      Hilgendorf, Zach; Morrison, Sean; Adams, Hannah (2015-04)
      Lake Superior has undergone a number of lake level phases that have resulted in the formation of beach ridges. One beach ridge that corresponds with the Nipissing phase of Lake Superior is located 0.5 km inland from the ...
    • Low-Temperature IR Spectroscopy and Computational Study of CH[subscript]3CN-HCI 

      Waller, Anna W.; Weiss, Nicole M.; Chan, Yu Hin Benny (2014-04)
      The purpose of this study was to discover how bulk, inert environments, such as solid neon, affect the hydrogen bond interaction between hydrogen chloride and acetonitrile.
    • Lunar Effects on UW-Eau Claire On-Campus Housing Incidents 

      Brushaber, Danielle; Tran, Thao; Kraker, Jessica J. (2018-01-26)
      The relationship between lunar phases and human behavior has been a topic of folklore for centuries. In the last century, it has been studied scientifically with varying results. In this study, we analyzed the effect of ...