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    • "L'heure du Mystere" : Cecile Chaminade in America 

      Steffen, Andrew; Beranek, Jordyn (2012-04)
      Next to Clara Schumann, Cecile Chaminade was one of the most prolific female voices in the post-Romantic era. The purpose of this study, based largely on primary sources such as concert programs, reviews, newspaper ads, ...
    • LabVIEW Controlled Laser Spirograph 

      McGill, Gregory J. (2012-04)
      Mathematical functions can be represented through formulas and visualized with diagrams showing their results for specific input parameters. This is often a static presentation that is hard to interpret. With a laser ...
    • A LabVIEW Program for Controlling Pressure and Temperature in Rapid-Quench Cold-Seal Experimental Apparatus 

      Kast, Jacob (2014-04)
      The purpose of this study was to conduct experiments pertaining to rapid-quench cold-seal pressure vessels. They are ideal for conducting experiments at conditions relevant to the Earth's upper crust. Rapid quenches are ...
    • Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa vs. the Northern States Power Company 

      Petrie, Stephen (2013-05)
      In 1921, the Federal Power Commission granted the Wisconsin-Minnesota Power Company the rights to construct Project 108 on the Chippewa River. The purpose of this project was to create a water reservoir that could be ...
    • Laminar Fluid Flow in Non-circular Pipes 

      Yohn, Michael (2013-05)
      The properties of laminar fluid flow are well understood in the context of circular pipes, but they have not been compared to the laminar flow properties for pipes of a non circular shape. These comparisons have applications ...
    • Land Use/Land Cover Change Assessment of Dane County, Wisconsin : Contemporary Trend and Future Projections 

      Fabian, Eric (2015-04)
      Assessing changes in land use and land cover (LULC) is a very important component of monitoring the health and sustainability of ecological systems. Remote sensing technology is a powerful tool utilized for the assessment ...
    • Landscape Analysis on the Results of Least Cost Paths vs. Real World Paths 

      Bartel, Amy (2013-05)
      The purpose of this study was to examine the results of a competitive navigation activity completed by students in a military geography class using various landscape analysis techniques. The goal of the activity was to ...
    • Landscape Dynamics of Oak-Savanna in the Lower Chippewa River Valley, Wisconsin 

      Sigrist, Anthony (2013-05)
      The Caryville Savanna in Dunn County, Wisconsin, was visited on five days in June 2012. The preliminary data suggests that fluvial geomorphology plays a key role in oak savanna establishment on the Caryville Savanna. The ...
    • Language In-Form : a Retrospective Exhibition and Catalogue 

      Berg, Margie; Konsella, Rachel J.; Durocher, Kaleb (2010-04)
      This project curated and produced a retrospective exhibition and catalog of photographs by Wanrudee Buranakorn. A retrospective exhibition is an exhibition of works produced by an artist over a considerable period, or of ...
    • Language over Mind or Mind over Language : the Problem with Fuzzy Agreement. 

      Lance-Parsoud, Kathryn (2009-04)
      This project analyzed the function of restrictive clauses in the languages of French, German, and English, comparing usage and logic through linguistic and historical research. The investigation focused on various authentic ...
    • Late Quarternary Eolian Dunes and Fluvial Terraces of the Lower Chippewa River Valley. 

      Olson, Lindsay M.; Larson, Phillip H. (2009-02-06)
      The Lower Chippewa River Valley (LCRV) extends south-southwest ~100 km from Eau Claire, Wisconsin to its confluence with the Mississippi River near Wabasha, Minnesota. A sequence of seven paired alluvial terraces were ...
    • Lateral Stratigraphic Variations in the Volcanic Lithofacies of the Eisenbrey Zn-Cu-Pb VMS Deposit, Rusk County WI 

      Jackson, Nathaniel R.; Lodge, Robert W.D. (2018-04-12)
      The primary objective of this project is to complete a property-scale assessment of the volcanic and hydrothermal stratigraphy hosting the poorly understood Zn-Pb-Cu mineralization of the Eisenbrey deposit. The deposit is ...
    • Leadership in the Community : Clinical Immersion to El Salvador 

      Fernandes, Jill Hecker; Miller, Allie; Walin, Courtney; Riedesel, Eva; Housh, Haley; Troge, Kaitlyn; Nakano, Karen; Peterson, Kelly; Rolfzen, Leah (2017-02-27)
      The cultural immersion experience in El Salvador is meant to change how nursing students advocate for patients, families, and communities. Our goal was to make an impact in the community. To do this, we learned the country’s ...
    • Learning About the Research of Teaching and Learning in Art Education. 

      Curwick, Jennifer; Reddy, Stacy (2009-01-09)
      The work focuses on winter and spring semester Art 300 non-art major teaching methods courses. The work focuses on analyzing the differences between cognitive and affective learning in two different learning timeframes.
    • Learning How to Collaborate Using Music and Theater 

      Cleven-Peterson, Clarissa; Walczak, Brianna; Dunbar, Laura; Chapman, Jennifer (2018-02-08)
      Over the course of the Fall Semester 2016, we constructed four standards-based lessons in the content areas of math, English, science and social studies, integrating theatre and music concepts. Our lessons were created to ...
    • Learning Styles to the Test : An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Matching Learning Preferences with Learning Context 

      Krunnfusz, Andrea; Matula, Bethany K. (2011-05)
      The term "learning styles" refers to the idea that individuals differ in which mode of instruction or study is most effective for them. This study presents the results of a controlled experiment designed to test the ...
    • The Legend of King Arthur in history. 

      Pevan, Erin (2007-05-01)
      An analysis of original medieval sources in the search for the historical King Arthur. Candidates include the 2nd century Roman general Lucius Artorius Castus, the 5th century Breton leader Riothamus, and the 6th century ...
    • Let's Go! Female Travelers 

      Jarvais, Stephanie (2011-05)
      Tourism is an important medium for public engagement with the European past. Americans encounter and engage with narratives about the European past prior to their trip when reading travel guides and during their trip when ...
    • LGBT Healthcare Needs and Concerns 

      Jagusch, Sydney; Mercer, Lisa; Liffrig, Erin; Turell, Susan (2010-04)
      The purpose of this study is to contribute to knowledge regarding Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) healthcare needs and concerns. Research indicates that LGBT individuals are at risk for significant health concerns, ...
    • LGBTQ Mentoring Needs Assessment 

      Schmidt, Roxie (2012-04)
      Through the use of an LGBTQ needs assessment, the purpose of this study was to discover whether or not students at the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire felt a need for LGBTQ-specific mentoring support.