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    • Face and Body : (Somewhat) Independent Predictors of Women's Overall Attractiveness 

      Kolb, Carolyn (2013-05)
      Women's faces and bodies advertise socially-relevant information. Although both face and body predict women's overall attractiveness, women's faces are a better predictor of overall attractiveness than their bodies are. ...
    • Facebook : the Effects of Self-Esteem and Self Disclosure on Facebook. 

      Miller, Jules; Sulerud, Kyle; Schuett, Steven; Willkom, Bryan; Dworski, Jana; Nyberg, Luke (2009-02-04)
      This study examined the amount of participant-reported self-disclosure on Facebook, particularly as it relates to participants' self-esteem.
    • Facebook and Career Motivation 

      Dettwiler, Melissa; Gossett, Jessica; Pepper, Amy; Soderlund, Laura (2011-05)
      While the use of the social network Facebook has continued to increase among college students (Nesbitt & Marriot, 2007), studies show that this group may not be aware of the influence their social networking profile content ...
    • Facebook and the Maintenance of Social Capital. 

      Suek, Erin; Neubauer, Alicia; Collins, Amanda; Anderson, Ashley; Hayes, Zachary (2009-02-10)
      This study examines the usage of Facebook, a widely favored online social networking site, as a means to maintain social capital by University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire students. The study looks at the relationship between ...
    • Facebook Friends--Near and Far. 

      Miller, Nick; Clemens, Michelle; Gustafson, Kelsey; Brandt, Katie; Kirt, Megan (2009-01-30)
      The research question under investigation is how has the use of Facebook strengthened the emotional relationships of those both geographically close and far away? 200 full time University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Students ...
    • Facebook, Friends, and Fear 

      Baumgart, Tyler; Edlund, Sarah; Mather, Shelley; Michaels, Nicole (2012-04)
      The purpose of this study was to expand on the research of social networking that has already been done. This research focused primarily on barriers, apprehensions, and gratifications relative to Facebook.
    • Factors Affecting Retention Rates of UW – Eau Claire Hmong Students 

      Vang, Susan; Xiong, Chia Mee; Bonstead-Bruns, Melissa (2018-05)
      Our aim is to look at how retention of Hmong students is negatively affected by racism on campus. Specifically, we will be looking at how Hmong students are more likely to consider leaving the university due to racism ...
    • Factors Influencing Crayfish Distributions in Streams 

      Wellnitz, Todd A.; Sylte, Nathan; Ziperski, Evan (2018-02-09)
      Crayfish are important to study because they are ecosystem engineers that are often an invasive species and that are pivotal in predator-prey interactions (Townsend 2004, Olden et al. 2005). Calcium levels along with ...
    • Factors Influencing High Nitrate Levels in Groundwater in Eau Claire County 

      Krieger, Adam; Johns, Raymond A. (2010-04)
      High concentrations of nitrates in groundwater are a common problem for many counties in Wisconsin. Nitrate can enter the groundwater through numerous sources, including fertilizers, septic tanks, animal waste, and ...
    • Faith in Action : Exploring the Impact of Interfaith Service on Social Cohesion in Sri Lanka 

      Glaunert, John; Hermanson, Marsha; Janke, Stephan; Wright, Tara (2013-05)
      The significance of religion as a social and political force has grown more pervasive and persuasive on both national and international levels in the last decade. While it can arguably be considered one of the most potent ...
    • Family Communication & Young Adult Decision-Making : Who Influences Whom? 

      Miniatt, Elizabeth; Engstrom, Sarah; Von Feldt, Krista; Stone, Mikayla; Knutson, Kristine; Jungquist, Elizabeth; Fay, Martha (2018-02-23)
      Family communication has long been associated with young adult decision-making found that frequent, open, honest communication between parents and children is a significant predictor of parental influence on young adult ...
    • Family practive physicians', nurse practioners', and physician assistants' spiritual care. 

      Chapek, Cynthia (2008-10-06)
      Several studies have indicated strong relationships between spirituality and health status and lower rates of mortality. The objective of this phenomenological study was to examine how primary care providers incorporate ...
    • Far Away : Hat Making in UWEC's Costume Shop 

      Griffin, Katie (2014-04)
      The purpose of this study was to document the creation of hats for the stage production of Far Way at the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire Music and Theatre Arts Department costume shop.
    • Farming Hope-Eau Claire 

      Riedesel, Eva; Widmer, Kathleen; Peterson, Kelly; Pettit, Lindsey; Moore, Kaitlyn; Fernandes, Jill Hecker (2017-03-14)
      Farming Hope is an organization created in El Salvador, built on the premise that all human beings have potential. Homelessness, mental health, and food deprivation are prevalent problems universally. Farming Hope aims to ...
    • Fatality and Gender in the Great London Plague of 1665 

      Olson, Elizabeth (2010-04)
      The bubonic plague was the most devastating biological incident in late medieval and early modern Europe. The first major attack, known as the "Black Death," struck communities throughout Western Europe in the mid-14th ...
    • Feining Formality : A Corpus Linguistic Pilot Study of Novice Academic Writers 

      Jungwirth, Robin; Woznicki, Nathaniel (2015-04)
      Corpus linguistics makes use of large collections of texts to scientifically study the language used in texts and speech. Using corpus linguistics we are exploring the difference between novice and professional academic ...
    • Female College Students’ Thoughts Regarding Childbearing, Family, and Parenting Practices 

      Knuth, Madigan; Leibham, Mary Beth (2019-05)
      Given the influx of information via technology (e.g., internet, social media) over the last 25 years, it is likely that current millennial college students are aware of various childbirth options (e.g., hospital birth, ...
    • Female Entrepreneurship in Vietnam 

      Tran, Thao; Jacobson, Beth (2017-04-17)
      The World Bank’s Vietnam Gender Assessment of 2011 quotes research asserting, “…that female owned enterprises are of special significance in transition and developing countries because they tend to employ other women more ...
    • Female Mortality Disadvantage in India 

      Hanson, Carly; Hubbard, Rebecca (2012-04)
      Sons are considered more valuable than daughters in India, due to a strong patriarchal society. This preference often ensures sons a higher chance of survival than daughters. A girl may suffer from significant mortality ...
    • Feminist Content Analysis of Bridal Magazines 

      Leonard, Katrina (2013-05)
      Weddings are a social institution that reinforce inequality not only for women, but for those of different races, classes, and sexual orientation. Weddings are a rich subject for feminist as well as sociological analysis. ...