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Non-destructive testing of Wisconsin highway bridges

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Ghorbanpoor, Al; Benish, Neal
Wisconsin Highway Research Program
Mar 2003
Decision making; Condition surveys; Reinforced concrete bridges; Rehabilitation (Maintenance); Posttensioning; Steel structures; Nondestructive tests; Highway bridges; Inspection; Prestressed concrete bridges; Guidelines
The management of in-service bridges throughout the United States is an important task. An effective assessment of the condition of these bridges is an essential requirement for this task. Nondestructive evaluation can be an effective tool in the inspection and condition assessment of bridge structures. It can provide knowledge that may not be possible to deduce from visual observation alone. The integration of both visual and nondestructive inspection methods is key to complete bridge condition assessment and management. Once a full representation of the overall bridge condition is determined, appropriate and economical decisions regarding the possible rehabilitation or replacement of bridge members or the entire structure can be made. In this report, the basic inspection techniques for reinforced concrete, prestressed or posttensioned concrete, and steel bridge structures are discussed. Guidelines relating common flaws identified during visual inspection to appropriate nondestructive testing techniques are provided in this report as they can provide an effective aid to those responsible for bridge inspection. The guidelines included in this report would help the maintenance personnel and bridge engineers to obtain a more complete visualization of bridge structure condition.
108 p.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
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