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Best practices for linking strategic goals to resource allocation and implementation decisions

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Morreale, Alicia; Berner, Jane; Ogard, Libby; Pal, Shaumik; Pagano, Anthony; Schermann, Jon; McNeil, Sue
Midwest Regional University Transportation Center
Mar 2004
Asset management; Resource allocation; Strategic goals
The research described in this report assembles a set of tools based on experiences and best practices in a diverse set of states for linking strategic goals to resource allocation and implementation decisions using aspects of asset management. A survey of practices in each of the state DOTs that explores documents and synthesizes both strategic planning processes and asset management was conducted. With input from an expert advisory panel, five states were for detailed analysis. These are Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Montana and Pennsylvania. Each of the states was visited by a project team that spent two days on site. Information on the strategic planning and asset management process was obtained through personal interviews with DOT officials and the acquisition of materials describing these processes. Based on detailed documentation of the practices in each of these states, a synthesis of best practice of strategic planning, asset management and the linkage between the two was developed. A model process for linking asset management to strategic planning is then developed. The model process that results does not represent any particular state, but incorporates elements from all five states. This model process can provide useful guidance to states interested in augmenting their existing processes.
271 p.
US Department of Transportation
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