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Twin ports intermodal freight terminal study: evaluation of shipper requirements and potential cargo required to establish a rail-truck-marine intermodal terminal in the twin ports of Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota

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Eger, Robert J.; Stewart, Richard; Harder, Frank; Ogard, Libby
Midwest Regional University Transportation Center
Jul 2003
Feeder services; Duluth (Minnesota); Shipping; Freight forwarders; Railroad yards; Surveys; Roll on roll off shipping; Superior (Wisconsin); Intermodal terminals; Commodity flows; Shipper demand
This study examines the potential for an intermodal freight terminal in the metropolitan area of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI (Twin Ports). The geographic regions in the US and Canada are assessed for potential intermodal cargo. Operating intermodal terminals in comparable statistical metropolitan areas are examined and key success factors derived. Major shippers in the region are surveyed to determine freight volume, shipper requirements, and destinations of inbound and outbound freight. Intermodal Marketing Companies and other third party providers are surveyed. Reebie (Transearch) freight flow data between sixty-six Business Economic Areas (BEAs) and the Twin Ports are analyzed for freight volume by mode, destinations, lanes and load balance. The establishment of a Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) marine service with Thunder Bay, Ontario is examined as a feeder for an intermodal terminal. Operating rail yards in the Twin Ports are cataloged and evaluated as potential intermodal terminals. An overall determination of the Twin Port's suitability as an intermodal terminal is presented.
160 p.
US Department of Transportation
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