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    • Variable Selection or Variable Assessment? 

      Wilkinson, R.G.; Meyer, R. Daniel (1995-02)
      Variable-selection regression methods are oriented towards selecting a single model as the vehicle for further inferences. The appropriate inference about variables not included is unclear - the conclusion that they have ...
    • Web Survey Mailer System (WSMS1.1) 

      Barrios, Ernesto (2003-11)
      Nowadays, with the extended access to computers and more particularly to the Internet, web-based questionnaires are another tool available for sampling surveys. This document describes the use of the Web-based Survey ...
    • William G. Hunter: An Innovator and Catalyst for Quality Improvement 

      Box, George (1993-06)
      This is the text of a talk given at the Speakers' Dinner at the Sixth Annual William G. Hunter Conference on Quality in Madison, Wisconsin, on June 2, 1993. In it, George Box recalls Bill Hunter's pivotal role in the birth ...
    • The World Class Quality Company 

      Golomski, William A. (1986-12)
      Through a long history of consulting with companies around the world, William Golomski has found some themes common to companies capable of achieving world class quality.