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    • Teaching Quality Improvement by Quality Improvement in Teaching 

      Hau, Ian (1991-02)
      In response to disturbing challenges ahead, leaders at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are committed to transform the institution to a Total Quality University. As a pilot project in the transformation, this paper ...
    • Time Series Models for Forecasting Wastewater Treatment Plant Performance 

      Box, George; Berthouex, Paul M. (1996-02)
      This paper describes a time series modeling procedure that can be useful for calculating predictions, with confidence intervals, of effluent quality one to five days ahead, and it explains how these predictions can serve ...
    • Tolerance Analysis Considering Manufacturing Variability and the Cost of Deviating from the Nominal 

      Graves, Spencer (1994-05)
      A number of different formulae for tolerance analysis and synthesis have appeared over the years. This article discusses the interrelationships between alternative formulae, showing how each is best for a specific set of ...
    • Tolerancing Mechanical Assemblies Using Computer Aided Design and Experimental Design 

      Shin, Garrick; Graves, Spencer; Bisgaard, Soren (1997-04)
      Component tolerances for assembled products are often set with the help of the error transmission formula. However, this approach requires knowledge of the partial derivatives of the functional relationship between the ...
    • Total Life Models - An Important Tool in Design of Quality 

      Morup, Mikkel (1993-12)
      Product quality is far more than "fitness for use" and robustness in the manufacturing process. This paper discusses the phenomena of product quality in the entire product life. It presents a total life model which serves ...
    • A Total Quality Improvement Approach to Student Learning 

      Hansen, W. Lee (1997-08)
      This paper describes a Quality Improvement Instructional Approach whose purpose is to improve the quality of undergraduate education by helping students realize their potential for learning in traditionally-taught university ...
    • Total Quality Leadership vs. Management by Control 

      Scholtes, Peter R.; Joiner, Brian L. (1988-02)
      To survive in increasingly tough markets, top management in American companies will have to forsake their desire to "control" their employees, and instead learn what it means to provide Total Quality Leadership.
    • Total Quality: Its Origins and Its Future 

      Box, George (1995-01)
      This article discusses how an efficient organization is characterized by its knowledge and learning capability. It examines the learning ability of the human animal, the logic of continuous, never-ending improvement, the ...
    • Variable Selection or Variable Assessment? 

      Wilkinson, R.G.; Meyer, R. Daniel (1995-02)
      Variable-selection regression methods are oriented towards selecting a single model as the vehicle for further inferences. The appropriate inference about variables not included is unclear - the conclusion that they have ...
    • Web Survey Mailer System (WSMS1.1) 

      Barrios, Ernesto (2003-11)
      Nowadays, with the extended access to computers and more particularly to the Internet, web-based questionnaires are another tool available for sampling surveys. This document describes the use of the Web-based Survey ...
    • William G. Hunter: An Innovator and Catalyst for Quality Improvement 

      Box, George (1993-06)
      This is the text of a talk given at the Speakers' Dinner at the Sixth Annual William G. Hunter Conference on Quality in Madison, Wisconsin, on June 2, 1993. In it, George Box recalls Bill Hunter's pivotal role in the birth ...
    • The World Class Quality Company 

      Golomski, William A. (1986-12)
      Through a long history of consulting with companies around the world, William Golomski has found some themes common to companies capable of achieving world class quality.