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    • A Case Study of the Use of Experimental Design and Multivariate Analysis in Product Improvement 

      Naes, T.; Ilseng, M.A.; Ellekjaer, Marit (1995-01)
      The overall purpose of this study is to identify an effective strategy for improving the sensory quality of a product. A study on processed cheese was used to develop and illustrate our ideas. A screening experiment, with ...
    • Case Study: Experimental Design in a Pet Food Manufacturing Company 

      Tort, Xavier; Prat, Albert (1989-10)
      Experimentation in the complex world of industry and service organizations requires a deep understanding of the basic engineering concepts underlying the process being studied, as well as relevant technical and economic ...
    • Charts for Optimal Feedback Control with Recursive Sampling and Adjustment 

      Luceno, Alberto; Box, George (1992-09)
      A cost model proposed by Box and Jenkins (1963) and later generalized by Box and Kramer (1992) for obtaining minimum cost for feedback control of processes is considered. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to assign ...
    • Charts With Variable Parameters 

      Costa, Antonio F.B. (1996-06)
      The idea of varying the chart parameters has been explored extensively in recent years. Basically, the value establishes if the control should be relaxed or not. When falls near the target the control is relaxed because ...
    • Charts With Variable Sample Sizes and Sampling Intervals 

      Costa, Antonio F.B. (1995-09)
      Recent theoretical studies have shown that the chart with variable sampling intervals (VSI) and the chart with variable sample sizes (VSS) are quicker than the traditional chart for detecting shifts in a process. This ...
    • Choice of Repeated and Bounded Adjustment Schemes 

      Luceno, Alberto; Puig-Pey, Jaime; Gonzalez, Francisco J. (1996)
      An important problem in process adjustment using feedback is how often to sample the process and when and by how much to apply an adjustment. Minimum-cost feedback schemes based on simple, but practically interesting, ...
    • A Comparison of Dispersion Effect Identification Methods for Unreplicated Two-Level Factorials 

      Bisgaard, Soren; Fuller, Howard T. (1995-10)
      Identifying factors that affect the variability of a process has become an important step in improving quality. Over the years many methods based on unreplicated two-level factorial experiments have been proposed for ...
    • Compensation and Employment Security 

      Graves, Spencer (1993-06)
      Research by economists supports a couple of Japanese management practices that seem to have been underemphasized in many Total Quality implementation efforts in the US - lifetime employment and linking pay to the accomplishments ...
    • Constrained Experimental Designs Part I: Construction of Projection Designs 

      Box, George; Hau, Ian (1990-10)
      Experimental design is a powerful tool for quality improvement. In some situations, however, the design variables are subject to multiple linear constraints. In this report, we propose a class called projection designs ...
    • Constrained Experimental Designs Part II: Analysis of Projection Designs 

      Hau, Ian (1990-10)
      In this report, we discuss the analysis of projection designs proposed in Report #53. We show that analyzing projection designs is essentially the same as analyzing some traditional unconstrained designs such as factorial ...
    • Constrained Experimental Designs Part III: Steepest Ascent and Properties of Projection Designs 

      Box, George; Hau, Ian (1990-10)
      Steepest ascent is an important tool for process improvement. This report discusses how to use the steepest ascent method in the context of constrained designs. The properties of the projection designs proposed in Report ...
    • A Contour Nomogram for Designing Cusum Charts for Variance 

      Juan, Jesus; Ramirez, Jose (1989-02)
      A contour nomogram is given that helps in the design of cumulative sums charts for variance when the observations are normally distributed.
    • A Critical Look at Accumulation and Related Methods 

      Wu, C.F.J.; Hamada, M. (1986-11)
      Using accumulation analysis on ordered categorical data can often result in the detection of spurious effects.
    • The Design and Analysis of 2k-p x 2q-r Inner and Outer Array Experiments 

      Bisgaard, Soren (1992-09)
      Inner and outer array designs are useful for the development of robust products. In this article we will provide a discussion of their design and analysis from a classic factorial and fractional factorial design standpoint. ...
    • Design Evaluation of Multi-Station Assembly Processes by Using State Space Approach 

      Shi, Jianjun; Ceglarek, Dariusz; Jin, Jionghua; Ding, Yu (2002-04)
      This report considers the problem of evaluating and benchmarking process design configuration in a multi-station assembly process.
    • Designing Quality Into Products During the Design and Development Phase 

      Ellekjaer, Marit Risberg; Bisgaard, Soren (1996-10)
      To be effective, quality needs to be built-in and planned already in the product design phase. In this article, we will provide an overview of how design engineers can use statistical experimental design to develop high ...
    • Detecting Malfunctions in Dynamic Systems 

      Fodale, Frank; Poublon, Mark; Seifer, Mark; James, John; Marko, Ken; Gilder, John Val; Bisgaard, Soslashren; Graves, Spencer; Box, George (1999-03)
      This article outlines some of the fundamental concepts of systems monitoring and general principles for the design of monitors to detect certain malfunctions in the powertrain system that may cause excessive emissions
    • Discrete Proportional-Integral Control with Constrained Adjustment 

      Luceno, Alberto; Box, George (1994-02)
      It is well known that discrete feedback control schemes chosen to produce minimum mean square error at the output can require excessive manipulation of the compensating variable. Also very large reductions in the manipulation ...
    • Discriminant Upset Analysis 

      Darjatmoko, Agustinus; Box, George; Berthouex, Paul M. (1988-05)
      This report presents an application of discriminant analysis in setting rules for early warning indicators of process upsets in wastewater treatment plant operation.
    • Discrimination and Criticism of Single-Response Models 

      Henson, Thomas; Box, George; Stewart, Warren (1996)
      Formulas are developed for assessing the probability and adequacy of rival models fitted to a common data set. Cases of full, partial and minimal variance information are treated. The use of the formula is demonstrated ...