The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides a wide variety of technology services to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as limited service to UW System and other State entities. Our services span desktop-to-server-to-mainframe computing, networks, telecommunications, Internet connectivity, administrative and academic systems, security, instructional technology, plus many support services.

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Recent Submissions

  • Factors Motivating Use of Digital Libraries 

    McMartin, Flora; Manduca, Cathy; Iverson, Ellen; Wolf, Alan; Morgan, Glenda (the Association for Computing Machinery, 2006-06)
    Knowledge about how users use digital libraries and their contents is inextricably tied to a library's ability to sustain itself, grow its services and meet the needs of its users. This paper reports on the preliminary ...

    Morgan, Glenda; Manduca, Cathy; McMartin, Flora; Iverson, Ellen; Wolf, Alan (D-LIB Magizine, 2005-07)
    Use of a particular type of technology or resource is notoriously difficult to study. There are many different dimensions to use, and this complexity cannot be captured using a single research method. This position paper ...
  • Summary Report of the Research Data Management Study Group 

    Wolf, Alan; Simpson, Mike; Salo, Dorothea; Flee, Doug; Cheetham, Jan; Barton, Bruce (2009-06-02)
    The Research Data Management Study Group (RDMSG) conducted focused interviews with representatives from a number of research communities, to assess current researcher data assets, needs, and funding situations. The ...
  • Summary Report of the Scholarly Assets Management Initial Exploratory Group 

    Simpson, Mike; Cheetham, Jan; Gorman, Peter; Herr-Hoyman, Dirk; Larson, Eric; Salo, Dorothea; Wolf, Alan (2007-10-25)
    DoIT's Academic Technology and the UW-Madison Library's Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing conducted discussion group meetings with invited participants representing a broad spectrum of faculty and administrative ...
  • 2004/2005 UW-Madison Student Computing Survey Report 

    Dwelle, Kathi (UW-Madison Division of Information Technology, 2005-07)
    The annual student computing report is an attempt to collect information on the computing ownership and behavioral trends of UW-Madison students.
  • 2004/2005 UW-Madison Faculty/Staff Computing Survey 

    Unknown author (UW-Madison Division of Information Technology, 2005)
    The 2004-05 UW-Madison Faculty/Staff Computing Survey is DoIT’s annual effort to gauge IT needs, concerns and performance of faculty and staff on the UW-Madison campus.