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    • A Movement Without a Face: Anonymity and the Push for Women's Rights in 1800s America 

      Willkomm, Sara (2011-12)
      Despite the plethora of research compiled regarding the beginning of the women's rights movement in America in the mid-1800s, only a small number of historians have looked beyond the convention held in Seneca Falls, New ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Beaupre, Michael; Willkomm, Sara; Stupka, Rebecca; Haegele, Jennifer; Tempas, Chris; Selenka, Nicole; Moebius, Matthew Alexander (2011-12)
      Contents: Clerical Conceptions of Magic and the Stereotype of the Female Witch; Theology, Psychology, and Politics : The Holy Trinity in Morrison's Beloved; The Pursuit of True Freedom : School Desegregation in Racine, ...