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    • Emotional Expressivity between the United States and Brazil 

      Truell, Peter; Tranquilli, Larissa; Boegh, Branden; Luna, Andre (2012-12)
      Emotional expression differs according to culture and gender. Understanding such differences is important for cross-cultural communication. Brazilians are stereotyped as more emotionally expressive than other cultures. ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar Volume VII (2012) 

      Morrow, Jackie; Tranquilli, Larissa; Buskager, Kevin; Moerchen, Kyle; Boese, Matt; Spaude, Lance; King, Jordan; Scott, Sarah J.; O'Connell, Sara; Boegh, Branden; Luna, Andre; Truell, Peter; Wilichowski, Tracy; Schultz, Gregory L. (2012-12)