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    • Migrant Tejano Laborers in Wisconsin between 1950 and 1970: Effects of an Exclusionary New Deal 

      Scott, Sarah J. (2012-12)
      The Great Depression was a tumultuous period in American history that ushered in an era of tremendous social change in the form of the New Deal. Policies of the era, such as the Wagner Act, formally recognized laborers' ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar Volume VII (2012) 

      Morrow, Jackie; Tranquilli, Larissa; Buskager, Kevin; Moerchen, Kyle; Boese, Matt; Spaude, Lance; King, Jordan; Scott, Sarah J.; O'Connell, Sara; Boegh, Branden; Luna, Andre; Truell, Peter; Wilichowski, Tracy; Schultz, Gregory L. (2012-12)
    • Oshkosh Scholar Volume VIII (2013) 

      Gauthier, Carie; Kuhl, Michelle; Knoll, Amy; Lukyanova, Anna; Waring, Taylor D.; Wirth, Kristie; Dewitt, John; Duren, Michelle; Lyness, Rosalind (2013-12)