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    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Cowling, Audrey; Schuhart, Hope; Gearhart, Amy; Daron, Derek; Kuchera, Anthony; Hathaway, Chris; Mischler, Steven; Stroik, Jared; Ruff, Chelsea; Sanchez Vinueza, Dayana J. (2010-12)
      You might not know that the tagline for Oshkosh Scholar is "A journal of undergraduate discoveries." The editorial team is lucky to share in these discoveries each year, and we're excited to bring them to you today. Allow ...
    • Studying Complex Star-Forming Fields: Rosette Nebula and Monoceros Loop 

      Hathaway, Chris; Kuchera, Anthony (2010-12)
      An investigation that presents a new analysis of the structure of the Northern Monoceros field was recently completed at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UW Oshkosh. Northern Monoceros is arguably the most complex ...