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    • Oedipa Maas’s Struggle against Existential Nihilism in The Crying of Lot 49 

      Moore, Samantha (Office of Student Research and Creative Activity, 2018-12)
      This paper investigates the journey of protagonist Oedipa Maas in Thomas Pynchon’s novella The Crying of Lot 49, specifically through the lens of her resistance to existential nihilism. Her development throughout the novel ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Cowling, Audrey; Schuhart, Hope; Gearhart, Amy; Daron, Derek; Kuchera, Anthony; Hathaway, Chris; Mischler, Steven; Stroik, Jared; Ruff, Chelsea; Sanchez Vinueza, Dayana J. (2010-12)
      You might not know that the tagline for Oshkosh Scholar is "A journal of undergraduate discoveries." The editorial team is lucky to share in these discoveries each year, and we're excited to bring them to you today. Allow ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Breunig, Seth; Cowles, Joshua; Pietsch, Anthony; Hernandez, Amanda; Lakatos, Craig; Irwin, Beth; Newell, Krista; Schoenrock, Amanda; Weir IV, George L.; Short, Kraig; Gruber, Kathryn (2009)
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      DeRosier, Ryan; Graham, Elizabeth; Knitt, Joseph; Filidoro, Erica; Karel, Scott; Kahl, Douglas; Zinoviev, Alexander; Miller, Katie; Brazeau, Christina; Fuiten, Melissa; Woelfel, Jessica; Koepnick, Erik (Office of Grants and Faculty Development, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2008-04)
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Castillo, Sofia; Fischer-Guex, Laura; Freund, Heather; Glazewski, Megan; Holcomb, Lisa; June, Andrea; Linberts, Jessica; Lyon, Nicole; Perry, August; Pouba, Katherine; Sasse, Katie; Stoll, Jennifer; Thompson, Hans; Tianen, Ashley (Office of Grants and Faculty Development, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2006-05)
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Beaupre, Michael; Willkomm, Sara; Stupka, Rebecca; Haegele, Jennifer; Tempas, Chris; Selenka, Nicole; Moebius, Matthew Alexander (2011-12)
      Contents: Clerical Conceptions of Magic and the Stereotype of the Female Witch; Theology, Psychology, and Politics : The Holy Trinity in Morrison's Beloved; The Pursuit of True Freedom : School Desegregation in Racine, ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar 

      Chomsisengphet, S. Larry; Buchmann, Beau; Schrauth, Jamie; Linberts, Andrea June; Linberts, Jessica; Mynsberge, Heath; Miller, Adeline; Simeth, Anna; Whitfield, Jonathan; Knitt, Joseph; Bodoh, Bruce; Schettle, Sarah; Marker, Erik (Office of Grants and Faculty Development, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2007)
    • Oshkosh Scholar Volume IX (2014) 

      Bady, Maria; Boll, Eric; Leonardelli, Ashley T.; Thompson, Karen; Phillips, Alex; McCorkle, Patrick D. (2014-12)
    • Oshkosh Scholar Volume VII (2012) 

      Morrow, Jackie; Tranquilli, Larissa; Buskager, Kevin; Moerchen, Kyle; Boese, Matt; Spaude, Lance; King, Jordan; Scott, Sarah J.; O'Connell, Sara; Boegh, Branden; Luna, Andre; Truell, Peter; Wilichowski, Tracy; Schultz, Gregory L. (2012-12)
    • Oshkosh Scholar Volume VIII (2013) 

      Gauthier, Carie; Kuhl, Michelle; Knoll, Amy; Lukyanova, Anna; Waring, Taylor D.; Wirth, Kristie; Dewitt, John; Duren, Michelle; Lyness, Rosalind (2013-12)
    • Oshkosh Scholar, Volume XI 

      Foster, Ashley; Jones, Taylor; Depew, Jennifer; Persson, Carly; Kanyuh, Charlotte R.; Schumitsch-Jewell, Taylor (2017-05-12)
      Oshkosh Scholar, the UW Oshkosh undergraduate research journal, is a collaborative effort between students and faculty at UW Oshkosh. Students are involved in editing and production coordination, and faculty review articles ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar, Volume XII 

      Kirchner, Caitlin; Kopitzke, Grant; Smith, Christopher; Gauger, Christopher; Wieczorek, David; Wasielewski, William (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Office of Student Research and Creative Activity, 2017-12)
      Welcome to Volume XII of Oshkosh Scholar, the undergraduate research journal of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. In the following pages students from mathematics, music, economics, and history present original research ...
    • Oshkosh Scholar, Volume XIII 

      Depew, Jennifer; Long-Pero, Maddisen; Meldrum, Monica; Covey, Jacob; Moore, Samantha; Dinkel, Anna (Office of Student Research and Creative Activity, 2018-12)
    • Parents and Pamphlets: Unraveling the Mysteries of Parent Responses to Pediatric Handouts 

      Thompson, Karen (2014-12)
      Written handouts are usually provided to parents at routine pediatric visits, but little is known about how parents use this written medical information. To explore this topic, handouts provided by the American Academy ...
    • Plato, the Other, and the Freedom to Love 

      Mischler, Steven (2010-12)
      Plato's Symposium is divided into several speeches; two, by Aristophanes and Socrates, are considered here. These classic views on love extend into the modern era by way of philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand ...
    • Post-Event Urban Flood Mapping by Amateur Aerial Photography and Assessment of Potential Damage: Case of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 

      Haegele, Jennifer (2011-12)
      Several communities are so focused on the positive benefits of a rising economy that they ignore the negative effects of the urbanization process, such as the exacerbation of flooding by increasing impermeable surfaces. ...
    • Poverty Rates and Spending on Public Education at the K-12 Level: Is There a Correlation? 

      Chomsisengphet, S. Larry (2007-12-14)
      Many academics and policymakers argue that increases in spending on public education will reduce poverty. The goal of this paper is to evaluate whether increases in current spending on public education at the K-12 level ...
    • The Power Complex: The WSU System's Response to Dissent in the Late 1960s 

      Pietsch, Anthony (2009-11)
      In the late 1960s, liberal and radical students enrolled in the Wisconsin State University (WSU) System coalesced into organizations to challenge the policies of the System's administration. One of these liberal-left ...
    • Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican and Caribbean Ballgames: An Example of Cultural Diffusion 

      Schultz, Gregory (2012-12)
      Upon examining the archaeological record and the historical accounts of pre-Columbian cultures in Mesoamerica and in the islands of the Caribbean Sea, one sees evidence of similar ballgames played in both regions. The ...
    • Premeditated Causes of the 2002 Gujarat Pogrom: A Comprehensive Analysis of Contributing Factors that Led to the Manifestation of the Riots 

      Wilichowski, Tracy (2012-12)
      In the last 30 years, the nature of communalism in India has changed significantly. This increase in violence is commonly attributed to the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP); however, there are other factors that ...