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Feminist Collections, v.33, no.4 (fall 2012).

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Library Resources; Women's Studies; E-Sources; Feminism and Spirituality; Women and Disability; New Age Feminism; Video Reviews; Reviews; Feminist Memoirs; Gender; Feminism
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. ISSN 0742-7441, 32p.
CONTENTS: FEMINIST COLLECTIONS vol. 33, no. 4 (Fall 2012): From the Editors: http://womenst.library.wisc.edu/publications/feminist-coll/FC_334_FromEditors.pdf Book Reviews: "The Personal, the Political, and the Spiritual: Still Sorting It Out After All These Years," by Mary Farrell Bednarowski. Reviews Ciara O'Connor, "'Becoming Whole': An Exploration of Women's Choices in the Holistic and New Age Movement in Ireland," in Olivia Cosgrove et al., eds. IRELAND'S NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011); Karlyn Crowley, FEMINISM'S NEW AGE: GENDER, APPROPRIATION, AND THE AFTERLIFE OF ESSENTIALISM (SUNY Press, 2011); Kathryn Lofton, OPRAH: THE GOSPEL OF AN ICON (University of California Press, 2011); and Cynthia Eller, GENTLEMAN AND AMAZONS: THE MYTH OF MATRIARCHAL PREHISTORY, 1861-1900 (University of California Press, 2011). "Theorists Telling Stories: Feminist Memoirs," by Emily Bowles. Reviews Susan Gubar, ed., TRUE CONFESSIONS: FEMINIST PROFESSORS TELL THEIR STORIES OUT OF SCHOOL (Norton, 2011). Book/Video Reviews: "Dismantling the Myth of the Disabled: BODY AND SOUL and LIVING THE EDGES," by Nancy Bird-Soto. Reviews Alice Elliot, dir., BODY & SOUL: DIANA & KATHY (New Day Films, 2008, http://www.welcomechange.org/products-page/); and Diane Driedger, ed., LIVING THE EDGES: A DISABLED WOMEN'S READER (Inanna Publications, 2010). E-Sources on Women & Gender column describes and links to new blogs, sites, and useful documents: http://womenst.library.wisc.edu/publications/feminist-coll/FC_334_E-Sources.pdf New Reference Works in Women's Studies column: Sharon L. James & Sheila Dillon, eds., A COMPANION TO WOMEN IN THE ANCIENT WORLD (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), reviewed by Connie L. Phelps. Aharon W. Zorea, BIRTH CONTROL (ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, 2012), reviewed by Erica Carlson Nicol. Mary McClintock Fulkerson & Sheila Briggs, eds., THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF FEMINIST THEOLOGY (Oxford University Press, 2012), reviewed by Susan Bennett White. Paula K. Lundberg-Love, Kevin L. Nadal, & Michele A. Paludi, eds., WOMEN AND MENTAL DISORDERS (Praeger, 2012), reviewed by Emily Lawrence. Doris Weatherford, WOMEN IN AMERICAN POLITICS: HISTORY AND MILESTONES (CQ Press, 2012), reviewed by Rachel Bicicchi. Paul Buchanan, RADICAL FEMINISTS: A GUIDE TO AN AMERICAN SUBCULTURE (ABC-CLIO, 2011), reviewed by Beth Huang. Nicholas M. Teich, TRANSGENDER 101: A SIMPLE GUIDE TO A COMPLEX ISSUE (Columbia University Press, 2012), reviewed by Nancy M. Lewis. Nanci Milone Hill, READING WOMEN: A BOOK CLUB GUIDE FOR WOMEN'S FICTION (ABC-CLIO/Libraries Unlimited, 2012), reviewed by Carol A. Leibiger. Tiffany K. Wayne, ed., FEMINIST WRITINGS FROM ANCIENT TIMES TO THE MODERN WORLD: A GLOBAL SOURCEBOOK AND HISTORY (ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, 2011), reviewed by Jeanne Armstrong. Lia Van Gemert et al., eds., WOMEN'S WRITING FROM THE LOW COUNTRIES, 1200-1875: A BILINGUAL ANTHOLOGY (Amsterdam University Press, 2010), reviewed by Mara M. J. Egherman. Jacqueline Bel & Thomas Vaessens, eds., WOMEN'S WRITING FROM THE LOW COUNTRIES, 1880-2010: AN ANTHOLOGY (Amsterdam University Press, 2010), reviewed by Stacy Russo. Sylvia Engdahl, ed., THE WOMEN'S LIBERATION MOVEMENT (Greenhaven Press/Gale Cengage Learning, 2012), reviewed by Nancy Nyland. Periodical Notes column describes new periodicals and special thematic issues on women and gender.
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