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Making the transition : we can't control everything, but we can control some things

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Dierkhising, Terri; Spears, Katrina; Berna, Jennifer
Apr 2005
Iraq War, 2003; Iraq War, 2003--Psychological aspects; Veterans--Services for; Veterans--Mental health; Military deployment; Returning veterans; Military families; Veterans and families; Family reunions; Veterans and health; Veterans and well being; Veterans' families and health; Veterans' families and well being
Following class discussion of two photo journalism articles sourced from “Mother Jones” magazine on physical rehabilitation in the aftermath of soldiers’ return from serving in Iraq, research was conducted regarding a holistic approach to periods of transitions for military families. Transitions that test and stretch the health and well being of individuals and family members include departing for, and returning from military deployment. This research poster provides helpful hints for reunion, shares stories and insights of personal courage and fortitude during health rehabilitation, and focuses on “real life” vignettes of military families reuniting. The back of the poster was utilized to reinforce components of character development emphasized through educational and health promotion programming.
Two photographs taken of a color poster describing research conducted by Terri Dierkhising and Katrina Spears, assisted by Dr. Jennifer S. Berna (University of Wisconsin-River Falls) that examines a holistic approach to periods of transition for military families of soldiers returning home from Iraq.
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